Over There, U.S. Forces Abroad in WWI and its Aftermath

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This web page contains links to the content of the exhibit pages for the exhibit 'Over There, U.S. Forces Abroad in WWI and its Aftermath' by Al Kugel.

This exhibit focuses on both the history of the U.S. forces abroad during World War I through the ensuing occupations and interventions, and the postal systems which served them. The story begins and ends with the departure and return of the troops, so that Stateside operations beyond the ports of embarkation are excluded. Also excluded are ongoing U.S. occupations in the Western Hemisphere during the period, which had nothing to do with World War I. Emphasis is on the American Expeditionary Force in western Europe and its successors, as these involved by far the largest number of troops for the longest time. Beyond that, disproportionately large coverage is given to U.S. intervention forces in Russia, in light of the exotic nature and difficulty of this material. Limited coverage is given to the U.S. Navy, reflecting its relatively minor role in and after WWI.

This exhibit was created by, and is the property of the late Al Kugel, and is being supplied by his heirs as a courtesy to the Military Postal History Society. (See the MPHS webpage) The Military Postal History Society (MPHS) is a non-profit organization for philatelists and stamp collectors interested in the collecting and studying of the postal aspects of all wars and military actions of all countries, including soldiers' campaign covers, naval mail, occupation and internment covers, patriotics, propaganda, V-mail, censorship and similar related material.

Historical Note

These exhibit page scans were made from black and white photocopies of the original exhibits. Those exhibits were created by Al Kugel many years ago, and are presented here for historical and research purposes. As far as the MPHS is aware, there are no color scans available of these older exhibit pages, nor for any of the illustrated postal history items.

PDF Format

This exhibit, created by the late Al Kugel, is made up of 10 frames, each frame containing 16 pages. Due to their size, each frame is available as a separate PDF file. (See the PDF information page for additional help with this file format.)

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