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As of August 2019, the Society only sells its book on CD. Paper copies of MPHS books are sold at the APS Book Sales Page.

The price guide and list will be updated to reflect this situation.


If you know what CD's you wish to purchase, go to ordering instructions at the end of this web page.

All Publications

All books are listed in the Book Description web page set. Below this paragraph is an individual listing of the available MPHS publications. Click on a specific book title to see a description of that book.

The paper copies of the following books can be ordered from the APS Book Sales Page.

The Society is currently selling ONLY CD's of its books. See: Downloadable list and price guide for Military Postal History Society publications. NOTE that the referenced price list mentions paper books, which should be ignored.

Check the MPHS explanation web page for users of PDF files for more information and assistance.


The Military Postal History Society has published a number of books over the years since it was known as the War Cover Club. This has included several editions of the Numbered APOs, now in its 7th edition.


The AEF in the BEF [The postal history of those United States military forces whose mail bears cancellations of British civil post in the British Isles or the British military post in France and western Europe.]

US Air Service in the British Isles 1917-1919 [A study of the American Air Service units stationed in the British Isles by James Boyden]

Second Edition of the Postal History of the AEF: 1917 - 1923

Update I & II to the Second Edition of The Postal History of the AEF: 1917 - 1923


Combat and Special Assignments of US Navy PT Boats During World War Two [a Chronology by Norm Gruenzner]

Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations - Volume 1 [BPOs, PRSs, & Regular Post Offices - 1941-1964 - 7th Edition by Russ Carter]

Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations - Volume 2 [Temporary APOs, 1941-1947 - 7th Edition by Russ Carter]

Numbered Navy & Marine Corps Post Office Locations - Volume 3 [7th Edition by Russ Carter]

WW II US Censor Enclosure Slips and Return-to-Sender Labels [by Russ Carter]


Greetings Postal History of the Selective Service and the Draft [1917 to 1976 by Russ W. Carter]

We Build, We Fight [Locations and Assignments of United States Naval Construction Units 1941-2005, by Norm Gruenzner]

War Ballots [Military Voting by Mail from the Civil War to WWII by Russ W. Carter]

Bulletin Back Issues

The Society is not currently selling back issues of the Bulletin.

Publication Ordering

Use the above PDF file to determine prices and availability of the CD's. All orders are to be paid in U.S. funds, checks drawn on U.S. Banks, U.S. Postal Money Orders, or International Money Orders and be made out to MPHS or you may use Paypal. Please follow the instructions on the PayPal description page for sending money the the Military Postal History Society.

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