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New Master Bulletin Index Now Available

Note that the MPHS Board of Directors has voted to rename our quarterly publication to The Military Postal History Society Journal, as of 1 January 2025. In the meantime, we will continue to refer to the publication as the Bulletin.

MPHS member Russ Carter has created a new master index of Bulletins from 1937 to 2022. See: the links to the Master Bulletin Index 1937-2022. The now superseded index listed at the bottom of this page will be retained until the new Index project is complete.

Current Bulletin Issue

Second 2024 Issue - Vol 62 No 2

THE LATEST BULLETIN is available at this link

Featured articles in this issue include:

The issue includes a number of news columns, classified ads, book reviews, show reports, and articles of current Society business news.

Access to the electronic version of this issue is password-protected. Information on the electronic files can be found at: the MPHS Bulletin electronic version links page.

Bulletin Index - 1937-2004 (now superseded)

An Index of the War Cover Club, The War Philatelist and the Military Postal History Society bulletins remains online.

There is a webpage with content of the older Bulletin Index for the years 1937-2004.

Publication History

The Military Postal History Society began as a small group of collectors meeting in May 1937 to form an informal War Cover Club and to provide information on military markings in a "War Cover Club" column in a Chicago publication called Postal Markings.

The club was formalized by adoption of a Constitution at a meeting in April 1938 during which a member's publication called "The War Cover Philatelist" was selected as the club's official bulletin.

The need for additional coverage of newly emerging World War II resulted in a second official club publication called "The War Cover Club Bulletin" which appeared until mid-1942.

Both publications ended during World War II due in part to restrictions on release of military marking information. The War Cover Club Bulletin reappeared in 1946 as an independent publication and continued until the name of the club, and its publication, was changed in mid-1991 to the Military Postal History Society. The quarterly issues of the Bulletin became identified by season beginning with Winter 1994.

The older index document, linked above, presents a listing of the articles both long and short, which have appeared in these publications during the period from May 1937 to the end of 2004.

Copies of articles of interest which have appeared in the War Cover Club Column and in the War Cover Philatelist can be provided by the American Philatelic Research Library.

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