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The Military Postal History Society Bulletin Downloads

This page points to copies of the Bulletin of the Military Postal History Society that are available online for download by members of the Society.

The files referenced from this page are PRIVATE to members only, and should not be redistributed. Each quarter, when a new Bulletin is issued, members who have access to electronic copies will receive a private email, specifying the username and password required to access the documents for that quarter ONLY.

Please Note: Some of the Bulletin files are Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). PDF files tend to have relatively large file sizes. They may take a long time to download if you have a slow internet connection. Instead of clicking directly on the link to view the Bulletin online, you may wish to right click the link and save the file to your computer, phone, or tablet, for viewing or printing later on. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader program installed, click on the icon below to do so. The reader program is free.

We are returning to a process we used a few years ago. There will be a FULL-quality PDF file of the Bulletin, along with a much smaller file, but of lower quality (when available). It is recommended that you download and use the largest-sized file that you can afford. For many members, the lower-quality PDF file may be quite sufficient for computer-based viewing.

For more information about downloading and viewing PDF files, see the PDF information page.

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Current Bulletin

NOTE: The following file is of the second 2021 Bulletin.

2021 #2 (full-quality PDF file, 11 meg)

2021 #2 (lower-quality PDF file, 2 meg)

The PDF files linked to from this page are intended to be used for ELECTRONIC reading only. We have had some reports from members that the files, or parts of them, do not print correctly on home printers. We cannot guarantee that attempts to print any PDF linked here will be successful.

Previous Bulletins Available

First 2021 issue:

2021 #1 (full-quality PDF file, 10 meg)

2021 #1 (lower-quality PDF file, 3 meg)

Fourth 2020 issue:

2020 #4 (full-quality PDF file, 17 meg)

2020 #4 (lower-quality PDF file, 3 meg)

Third 2020 issue:

2020 #3 (lower-quality PDF file, 3 meg)
2020 #3 (full-quality PDF file, 12 meg)

Experimental Bulletin Formats

An attempt has been made to create Bulletins in formats other than PDF (as offered above). Among others, this content includes the First 2020 DOUBLE issue, as well as the SPECIAL EDITION for Spring 2016. The following files are available for download. If you find them useful, please contact the Society webmaster, Bob Swanson. These conversions required some time to produce, and may not be repeated with future issues.

Webpage of First 2020 Double Issue #1-#2 (for Online Reading).

For users of Kindle (tm) devices, we offer First 2020 Double Issue #1-#2 (AZW3 Kindle file, 33 meg), Bulletin #1, 2017 in Kindle (MOBI) format, Bulletin #4, 2016 in Kindle (MOBI) format, Bulletin #2, 2016 (SPECIAL EDITION) in Kindle (MOBI) format, and Bulletin #3, 2015 in Kindle (MOBI) format. See the AZW3 (Kindle MOBI) information page for additional help.

For users of non-Kindle (tm) devices, such as Nook, and many other epub readers, we offer First 2020 Double Issue #1-#2 (EPUB file, 10 meg), Bulletin #1, 2017 in EPUB format, Bulletin #4, 2016 in EPUB format, Bulletin #2, 2016 (SPECIAL EDITION) in EPUB format, and Bulletin #3, 2015 in EPUB format. See the EPUB information page for additional help.

The "website-in-a-box" document is readable with any browser on computer, tablet, or phone. No special software is necessary. You navigate through the Bulletin as you would through any set of web pages. We offer First 2020 Double Issue #1-#2 (Webpage-in-a-Box, for Offline Reading, 33 meg), Bulletin #1, 2017 in 'website-in-a-box' format, Bulletin #4, 2016 in 'website-in-a-box' format, Bulletin #2, 2016 (SPECIAL EDITION) in 'website-in-a-box' format, and Bulletin #3, 2015 in 'website-in-a-box' format. See the ZIP information page for additional help with these formats. That web page describes how to use the "website-in-a-box" content.

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