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Announcing New Editorial Team for the Bulletin

Dann Mayo has been a philatelic exhibitor, judge, bourse dealer, auctioneer, catalog compiler and society bulletin editor. At age 71, he now describes himself as “retired and with time on his hands” — a tragic condition we hope to remedy in the near future. Dann started collecting stamps at age 10, and civil censored covers somewhere around the age of 30. Thanks to being an Army brat, he has had an abiding interest in military history which has shown up in his numerous philatelic pursuits.

Fred Baumann, 66, has more than 30 years as an editor, columnist and feature writer for Linn’s Stamp News, Stamp Collector and other publications, most recently including The American Philatelist of the American Philatelic Society and the Philatelic Literature Review of the American Philatelic Research Library. He enjoys aiding philatelic authors in effectively communicating subjects and stories to their readers, enhanced by superior graphics and color printing that at last are now widely available and very affordable.

At the end of January 2020, Dann and Fred were selected to take on the editorship of the MPHS Bulletin following the untimely passing this last December of editor Tom Johnston Since 2020 is off to a late start, the first 40-page issue is planned for April, to be followed by a double issue in July and a final 40-page Bulletin in October. In 2021, the Bulletin will return to a conventional quarterly schedule of issues each January, April, July and October.

Here’s How You Can Help

Our major problem to start is we have absolutely no material. Whatever Tom had is on Tom's computer or in his study. We have contacted the family to obtain this material, but do not yet know if or when we will recover it. If you sent Tom anything last year for use in the Bulletin, please email or mail it to one of us as soon as you can. Contact information appears at the end of this summary.

We have noticed an almost exclusive focus going back decades on U.S. military mail. While we expect that U.S. material will continue to predominate in the MPHS, we are open to material related to other military forces and military postal services.

We also are open to reprints and joint publications of articles that are likely to be of interest to our members. If you are aware of worthy content published elsewhere, whether you wrote it or not, please let us know about it. Similarly, if there is a subject related to military mail and postal history that you feel is deserving of coverage, please share that with us.

Finally, keep in mind that while your editors may occasionally write for the Bulletin, we are primarily editors, not authors. We will do all we can to produce a quality journal, but members must provide content for the MPHS Bulletin to continue to be sustainable.

What you produce can be long as a question or answer.  It can be straight postal history (rates, routes, cancellations and postal markings) or military history presented through postal material.  But if you do not provide it, we cannot edit it. Please pitch in so that we can do our best work for you:

At this time, please direct all material primarily to:

Fred Baumann 2903 Jacksonville Rd, Bellefonte PA 16823


You may also send material to:

Dann Mayo, PO Box 6401, D'Iberville, MS 39540


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