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Using PayPal to Purchase MPHS Publications or Pay for Membership Dues

The Military Postal History Society (MPHS) offers a number of publications for sale. In order to accept payment for these publications, especially internationally, we are set up to accept payment by PayPal. In addition, we now accept PayPal for dues payments, both for new members and annual membership renewal. This web page describes some simple "how to" points for successfully using this money transfer system.

Publications Payments

You should have already decided which publications you wish to purchase. If there is any doubt, please go to the Military Postal History Society publications web page. For publication prices, you can also download the latest publications pricelist as a PDF file from the Military Postal History Society Publications Pricelist (PDF). Note that all prices are in US Dollars.

Membership Payments

You should have already decided the required amount of your membership dues. If there is any doubt, please go to the MPHS Membership Page.

Introduction to PayPal

This commercial company was founded to make it easier to transfer money between people and businesses using the Internet. In a way, they are a bank, but a bank that allows transfer between a large number of countries.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Getting an Account

You need to set up an account with PayPal, before you can send money to the MPHS. It is recommended that you set up only the Basic "Personal" account, since this account type is free.

When you set up an account you need to provide information about your bank account (from which money will be taken) and/or a credit card (from which money will be taken). There is more information at the following very helpful website that takes you through the steps for signing up for PayPal. You should also read the "help" web pages for PayPal itself, and become familiar with their policies. These types of transactions involve money, and should be treated seriously.

As is usual with internet shopping systems, you need to create a user account with a password. In this case it is very important that you create the most secure password setup that you can, since the PayPal system has access to your banking and/or credit card information.

Paying the Society

After you log into your PayPal account, you will see a page much like this:

paypal website

You want to click on the "Pay or Send Money" icon, or the "Send and Request" menu entry.

You should know what you want to buy, and the total amount in US Dollars. (Be sure to add $1.50US to the total you are ordering, in order to cover the transaction fees for the Society.) When you send money to MPHS, use the following destinations:

For Publications:


For Memberships:


  • Be sure to confirm that this is the destination for your money payment!
  • Enter the total amount, making sure it is US Dollars. (Be sure to add $1.50US to the total you are ordering, in order to cover the transaction fees for the Society.)
  • Under "special instructions to seller" enter information on what you are buying. In the case of publications include the name of the book, format, etc. This information helps the Society to pack the desired book(s) for shipping. For membership dues, be sure to indicate DUES in the special instructions.
  • Your shipping address will also appear, so ensure it is correct. This information not only helps with book shipping, but confirms your address for our membership rosters.
  • Another item to check is the method of payment. You may have set up more than one payment method with PayPal, such as more than one credit card, and/or a bank. Be sure that the desired bank or card appears.
  • When all is entered, you will then click the "Send Money Now" button. Check everything BEFORE clicking this button!

When you have completed the purchase, you should print out the confirmation screen from the PayPal website. You will receive a confirming email from PayPal, as well, which should be printed, and saved in a secure place.

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