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A.1.: Possessions that quickly disavowed Vichy were limited to the use of Third Republic Issues, examples are very difficult to find and identify :

Governor Felix Eboue, recognizing the threat of Nazi racial views, first Vichy colonial governor to side with Free French seven weeks after the creation of Vichy. Chad was one of the four components of the A.E.F.

This cover, using 3rd Republic issues, was mailed after Marshall Petain had been nominated on June 16, 1940 but before the establishment of Vichy government on July 2, 1940. Pays proper airmail rate of 4 francs, and carried by Air Afrique. Issued between 1937 and 1940, the stamps were produced for French Equatorial Africa (initials A.E.F. in French). Censor “Controle” mark hints that Petain postal authorities had quickly taken up censorship