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SPA 124


This presentation was created by Ed Dubin, and is his property. However, he has offered to share this presentation freely with the public and members of the Military Postal History Society for educational and research purposes.

This presentation shows images, postal history, and information about the Americans who volunteered for the French air force during the First World War. The unit was eventually called "The Lafayette Escadrille".

Outline of Presentation


Origin of the Lafayette Escadrille

* French Squadron numbers included an abbreviation for the type of plane flown – “N” for Nieuport or “SPA” for Spad. The Lafayette Escadrille flew both.


Franco-American Flying Corps Committee


DR. Gros Commissioned as a Major in the AEF


Composite picture of the 38 American Lafayette Escadrille pilots


Composite picture of the 38 American Lafayette Escadrille pilots


Origin of the Indianhead Insignia


Indianhead Insignia


Seminole Indian Chief (11/1916). Savage Arms Co. trademark. Used as a guide.


Sioux Indian Chief (Spring 1917) Reportedly adopted from a label on a bottle of French cognac.


Whiskey and Soda


Kiffin Rockwell, Willian Thaw and Paul Pavelka with new mascot. Paris 9/1916.


Whiskey and Soda eventually were placed in the Paris zoo.


Lion and Flyer


Lafayette Escadrille SPA 124


James McConnell


James McConnell (left)


James McConnell


Cover from James McConnell


Cover from James McConnell (written in hospital)


Henry (Jonesy) Jones


Henry (Jonesy) Jones (driving ambulance)


Henry (Jonesy) Jones return address


Henry (Jonesy) Jones cover


Henry (Jonesy) Jones with airplane


Henry (Jonesy) Jones With Insignia


Henry Jones proudly displaying the Sioux Indian Chief insignia that was cut from a 103rd Aero Squadron Spad and given to him when he left the squadron. Jones later donated the insignia to the National Air Force Museum (Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio).


French Falcons to American Eagles


William Thaw


William Thaw


Cover from William Thaw


Robert Rockwell


Robert Rockwell, Pictured with British nurse (Miss. V. Brooks?)

Joined the 103rd and eventually became its commander.

After the war stayed in the Air Service reserves.


Cover from Robert Rockwell

Returned to active duty in 1939 as a full Colonel

Served through WWII retiring in 1946.


Postcard from Robert Rockwell


Kenneth Marr


Kenneth Marr (note Hat-in-Ring insignia)


Cover from Kenneth Marr


Lafayette Escadrille Memorial


Lafayette Escadrille Memorial

Dedicated July 4,1928. Forty nine former Lafayette Escadrille and Lafayette Corps pilots are interned in the crypt below the memorial.


French Lafayette Escadrille


French WWII P40 Squadron. Maintained the Sioux Indian logo.


French Mirage 2000N. Escadron de chasse 2/4 La Fayette. Sioux Indianhead insignia on tail.


Lafayette Escadrille Pilots as Authors


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