MPHS News Item -- 2018 Dues are Payable by December 31, 2017

Dear Military Postal History Society Member,

MPHS membership dues for 2018 are now payable by December 31.

You may pay your dues by sending your check to the MPHS Treasurer at the address below.

You can also use the PayPal internet electronic funds transfer system to make your dues payment. To use PayPal, please go to the MPHS website,, then to the Military Postal History Society Membership Application page and follow the instructions. There is also a page with Paypal instructions for paying dues to the Military Postal History Society. Please add $1.50 to your payment to cover the PayPal service charge. Please use our PayPal email address: dueskj2kjwkj609s093ou@militaryphskj3kj6kj7kju982.orgkj2kjwkjr9898984e for your electronic payment.

Monetary contributions or donations of material for sale in MPHS auctions are greatly appreciated. These funds help support our publications program. The MPHS is 501 (C)3 educational non-profit corporation. Gifts to the Society are tax deductible, if you itemize.

Note that you have three membership options – a paper bulletin, a digital-only copy of the bulletin or a digital + hard copy option. Please indicate your preference when making your payment.

Many thanks to those who pay their dues on time and to those who make donations to the MPHS.

Kindest Regards,

Ed Fisher
Treasurer Military Postal History Society
725 S. Adams Road, Suite 252
Birmingham, MI 48009



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