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The Military Postal History Society was founded in 1937 as the War Cover Club, American Philatelic Society Unit #19. The original club focused largely on the postal history of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The group changed its name in 1991 to better reflect the wide variety of collecting interests of its members.

It promotes the study of the postal aspects of all wars and military actions of all nations. Today members' interests include soldier campaign covers, patriotics, prisoner-of-war mail, naval mail, occupation and internment covers, picture postcards of a military nature, camp cancels, field post offices, propaganda labels and leaflets, V-mail, censored mail and similar related material.

The Society publishes a quarterly journal, Military Postal History Society Bulletin (ISSN 1075-5640), as well as separate books such as the APO directory. Mail auctions are frequently conducted.

Subscription to the journal is included in the modest annual membership dues!


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The Society is proud to highlight two recent items located on this website:

Online Military Holiday Card Showcase (Expanded in March 2017 to more than 300 images)

Video: Greco­Turk War of 1918 to 1922 , direct link: Video on YouTube.

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