Military Holiday Cards, Grouped by Country
Presented by the Military Postal History Society


German POWs in Australia --


Angel and Calvary Officer -- Angel and Crucifix -- Austrian Battle Fleet in Cameo -- Austrian Cannoneers -- Austrian Crest, Flag and Christmas Tree -- Austrian Crown Prince Karl in Wreath -- Austrian Egg and Cross on Bough -- Austrian Emperior Franz Joseph in Wreath -- Austrian Flag and Soldiers in Wreath -- Austrian Macine Gunners -- Austrian Pilot in Wreath -- Austrian Soldier Defending area -- Austrian Soldier Standing at Austrian Milepost -- Austrian Soldier and Child -- Austrian Soldier with country flag eggs -- Austrian Soldiers with Easter Animals -- Austrian Stag Head Medal on Bough -- Austrian Warrior on Horse -- Calvary Officer -- Calvary Officer and Angel -- Cheering Children -- Chick at foot of broken Austrian flag egg -- Chick at foot of country flag eggs -- Chick on Country Flag eggs -- Chick on country flag eggs -- Chicken on Austrian flag egg -- Child with Christmas Gift -- Christmas Garland and Cones -- Christmas Creche -- Christmas Creche Scene -- Christmas Tree -- Christmas Tree Bough -- Church Steeple -- Cross in Egg -- Czech Language Four Soldiers Card -- Daddy Soldier and Two Children -- Easter Bouquet -- Easter Bunny with Colountry Flag Eggs -- Easter Chick -- Footbridge Over Creek -- Four Flags in Wreath -- Four Soldiers in Snow Covered Terrain -- Kneeling Soldiers -- Maze of Country Flag Colored Eggs -- New Year Soldier -- Newspaper Boy -- One Cameo and Flags -- Prone Soldier -- Rabbit -- Rabbit at foot of country flag eggs -- Rabbit on Austrian logo egg -- Rabbit on Basket of Country Flag Eggs -- Railroad and Greeting Platform -- Snowy Trees -- Soldier Dreaming of Girl -- Soldier Romancing Girl -- Soldier Standing Watch on New Year's Eve -- Soldier Waving at Trench -- Soldier Writing -- Soldier Writing Home -- Soldier Writing by Candle Light -- Soldier Writing by Candlelight -- Soldier and Child With Christmas Tree -- Soldier and Child with Christmas Gifts -- Soldier and Pig -- Soldier with Two Piglets -- Soldiers Decorting Christmas Trees -- Soldiers Receivin Jan. 1st messenger Bird -- Soldiers Warming Up Wine or Cider -- Soldiers and Campfire -- Soldiers and Map -- Soldiers around campfire -- Soldiers on Field Telephones -- Three Soldiers Around Cooking Stove -- Three Soldiers and Decorated Eggs -- Three soldiers encircling the globe -- Two Cameos and Flags -- Two Couching Soldiers -- Two rabbits on country flag eggs -- White Night Poetry -- Woman and Red Cross in Cameo -- Wounded Soldier and Flowers --


Barb Wire with Gifts and Rifleman --


Canada Christmas Buck in Snowy Forest -- Canada Christmas Candle -- Canada Christmas Tree -- Canada POW Camp Huts -- Canadian Maple Leaf -- Christmas and British Flag -- Easter flower basket with flap -- KofC Canadian Soldier Greeting -- Women's Canadian Club --


Caroling Children -- Christmas Tree Czech Legion -- Czech Child with pig sled -- Czech Legion Christmas Card -- Czech Legion in Siberia Pig Sled -- New Year soldiers in snow -- Youngster and Pig --


Bell & Fir Tree Branches --


Hand Painted French and American Flags -- July 4, 1918 AEF Parade in Paris -- Knights of Columbus French Greeting -- Noel 1917; Soldiers Looking at Bethlehem Star --


Angel Over Trench -- Angels, Santa, and Soldiers -- Cannon -- Chickens on Easel Tripod -- Christmas 1914 and German soldiers celebrating -- Christmas Tree Bough in Circle -- Feldweinacht; German Soldiers with Christmas Tree -- Flowers Tied in Germany Colors -- Forest Scene and Deer -- Four Alliance Flags -- German - Austrian Soldiers Shaking Hands -- German Flag -- German Red Cross, Delivering Parcels to Troops -- German Soldiers with Christmas Tree in Trench -- Germany Flags -- Germany Pentecost Greetings -- Germany Personified Easter Bunny Propaganda -- Happy New Year Card and view of Ypres Forest -- Man Dragging A Christmas Tree -- Red Cross -- Sailor at Sea Germany -- Soldier and Easter Angel -- Soldier and Shooting Star -- Soldier on Skis with Tree -- Soldier with Red Cross Package -- Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht; German Soldiers Singing with Christmas Tree in Trench -- Weinachten 1917, German Soldiers, Christmas Tree, and Angel -- Woman and Cross in Shield --

Great Britain

99th Infantry Brigade -- Army of the Black Sea British -- Army of the Black Sea Ottoman Santa Claus -- Christmas Allied Flags -- Christmas British Flag in Round -- Christmas GB Banner with flap -- Christmas Greetings -- Haig and Pershing -- Christmas Purple Flowers acorn with Flap -- Christmas Purple Yellow Flowers with Flap -- Christmas Two Birds on Fence -- Delville Wood Artillery Bombardment -- Easter Allied Flags Briton in Belgium -- Easter Rabbit -- Easter british and french flag with flap -- Farmers Wife -- Finish Johnny Salonika -- Finish the Germans -- German POW Card -- Greetings from Italy, 1918, British Trench Mortar Batteries -- New Year Pink Flower with flap -- New Year general hospital card -- New Years - Artillery Great Britain -- Turkey grey -- Victory Ambulance --


Austro-Hungarian Soldier and Child --


Japan Bando Camp Accordian Player Christmas --


Alliance Powers Adrift At Sea -- Devil Capturing German Kaiser --


'New Chivalry' (Poem), Camp MacArthur -- 11th Engineers -- 122nd Infantry Regiment cover -- 122nd Infantry Regiment cover christmas card -- 1st Infantry Division -- 4th of July Parade -- 79th Division, General Kuhn Greeting Insert -- 79th Division; Christmas 1918 Flyer -- 7th Engineers, Children with Santa Doll -- A Merry Christmas with Warship and American Flag -- AEF Crest and Eagle -- AEF Crest and Eagle - similar to others, set? -- AEF Eagle -- AEF Patriotic Christmas Card -- AEF Printed Greeting -- AEF Siberia Gold Star Card -- AEF Siberia Marching Troops -- AEF Siberia Trees -- AEF Siberia Xmas Menu and Roster -- AFG Government Eagle -- Air Service XMAS Card 1918 -- American Red Cross -- American Seal of Victory -- Arch de Triump 1918 -- Avenue du President Wilson -- Base Hospital #15, AEF, Printed Greeting -- Base Hospital #18 AEF Christmas Card -- Belgium July 4 -- Bells and Flags -- Bit of Cheer -- Bitburg Germany New Year -- Bugler -- Calendar with Soldier and German Prisoners -- Camp Devens Hospital, Holiday Greeting Added -- Camp Dix Christmas Card; Soldier in Barracks -- Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas, Postcard Printed Holiday Greetings -- Christmas - Old Man Winter Chasing German same as # 7 sl -- Christmas - Santa Claus flying bi-plane -- Christmas - 105th Machinge Gun Battalion -- Christmas - Signal Corp Signal man -- Christmas - Soldier and Girl reading book same as # 20 dk -- Christmas - Wanna Fight -- Christmas - Winter Scene Army of Occupation -- Christmas - ships at sea same as # 1 sl -- Christmas Card envelope -- Christmas Card 15th Engineers -- Christmas Card West Point Greetings -- Christmas Card with Joan of Arc and Abe Lincoln -- Christmas Card; First Brigade, Coast Artillery AEF -- Christmas Greetings from France 1918 -- Christmas Greetings from the US Army on the Rhine -- Christmas Greetings with Union Jack and American Flag -- Christmas Message -- Christmas Multicolored bird with flap -- Christmas Overseas 1918; Soldiers Opening American Red Cross Gift Bag -- Christmas Pink Flowers -- Christmas Poem -- Christmas Purple Flower with flap -- Christmas Soldier with flag and child same as # 12 sl -- Christmas Somewhere in France -- Christmas Two children holding onto Santa doll same as # 149 ak -- Christmas Walkway Scene -- Christmas Winter Scene; Somewhere in France -- Christmas Wreath and US flags -- Christmas blue bird in center -- Christmas card flagpole -- Christmas card greeting card US Navy ensign -- Christmas cat tails -- Christmas flower basket -- Christmas leaf in center -- ChristmasThree Roses with Flap -- Coblenz on the Rhine Greetings -- Dearest Mother Poem -- Eagle on AMG Christmas -- Easter AEF Shield same as # 355 ak -- Easter 79th Division -- Easter Bunny KofC -- Easter Lilys -- Easter Ship Flags -- Easter and Kids -- Easter duck -- Engineers Christmas Greeting -- Fatherless Children of France; Child at Fireplace -- Field Artillery School, APO 779; Merry Christmas -- Flag and Wreath -- Girl Trying on Soldier's Hat -- Gold Star Christmas -- Greetings -- Hand Painted Greetings; Girl and Holly Bush -- Hand Painted Soldier and Nurse Before Christmas Tree -- Happy Christmas; Soldier and Flag -- Hearty Christmas Greeting US Army ordnance -- Hut 27, Camp Devens -- If we don't get over in time to greet you -- Independence Day -- Infantry Insignia and Crest 47th Infantry Regiment -- JWB Greeting Printed on French Postcard -- JWB Hanukah Card -- Jewish Welcome to New Year -- Joan of Arc YMCA Card -- Joyeaux Noel; 145th Field Artillery -- Joyeaux Noel and Bonnee Annee; US and French Flags -- KofC AEF Card -- KofC Christmas Greetings -- KofC Christmas Greetings card -- KofC President Wilson and King Albert -- Lamp and Merry Christmas -- Large Christmas Card Paris Eiffel Tower -- Le Mans Street Scene -- Liberty, Fraternity, Equality; AEF Merry Christmas and Happy New Year -- Man Dragging a Sleigh -- Medallion and French and American Flags -- Memories of Army of occupation -- Merry Christmas Card -- Merry Christmas; American Airplane Flying in Snowstorm -- Merry Christmas; Soldier and Girl -- Mother and Child (Tucks) -- Mothers Association -- Mothers Day -- Mothers Day Le Mans -- Mothers Day Poem -- Naval Academy Very Large Card -- Naval Card Easter -- New Year vase of large rose -- New Year vase of purple flowers flap -- Newspaper War Extra -- Old Man Winter in Uniform, Chasing Germans -- On the Rhine July 4th -- Ornate Christmas Card with Holly -- Our New Year's Wish -- Parisian Statue July 4 -- Parisian Statue Strausburg July 4 -- Peace at Last 4th of July -- Poilu and Yank with French and American Flags (4th of July Written In) -- Prosperous New Year; Bitburg, Germany -- Reclining Soldiers and Xmas Tree -- Reclining Soldiers and Xmas Tree Different Verse -- Rembrances 1918 -- Sailor and Battleships -- Salvation Army, Christmas 1918; General Evangeline Booth -- Santa Locomotive Mail -- Santa in Uniform with Gifts -- Ships in Convoy -- Snow Covered village -- Snow Scene; Christmas Greetings (Tucks) -- Soldier Boy Kisses Girl -- Soldier Giving Doll to Girl -- Soldier New Years Toast -- Soldier Silhouette 4th of July -- Soldier and Christmas Wreath -- Soldier and Christmas lyric -- Soldier and Firecrackers 4th of July -- Soldier and Home Scene -- Soldier and Rifle -- Soldier and Three Wise Men -- Soldier and Wreath -- Soldier in prayer -- Soldier in snow at Camp Upton -- Soldier with Gifts for French Children -- Soldiers Celebrating the Fourth -- Soldiers in Barracks with American and French Flags -- Stagecoach and Christmas -- Statue of Liberty an Wreath of Flags -- Statue of Liberty and French and American Flag -- Sweetheart Picture; A Happy Christmas -- Tank and Poetry -- Tank xmas -- Telegram Christmas -- Turkey thanksgiving US flag -- Turkey white -- Two Soldiers on Rhine 4th of July -- U.S. Flag and Wreath -- USS Arkansas Christmas Greetings -- USS Chicago -- USS Georgia Christmas Card -- USS Great Northern Christmas Card -- War Mothers of America (Maryland) -- Weihnachts-Grusse -- Welcome Home Merry Christmas -- Winged U.S. -- XMAS YMCA Church -- YMCA 1917, Christmas Greetings Poem Card -- YMCA 1919, Watch on the Rhine (Decorated House) -- YMCA Greetings with 1918 Calendar --

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