Military Holiday Cards, Grouped by Artist
Presented by the Military Postal History Society


Christmas - ships at sea same as # 1 sl -- Christmas Greetings from France 1918 -- Christmas Soldier with flag and child same as # 12 sl -- Medallion and French and American Flags -- Snow Covered village -- Statue of Liberty and French and American Flag --

David duRnand

Noel 1917; Soldiers Looking at Bethlehem Star --


Ships in Convoy --


Tank xmas -- XMAS YMCA Church --


Christmas - Soldier and Girl reading book same as # 20 dk -- Christmas Two children holding onto Santa doll same as # 149 ak -- Girl Trying on Soldier's Hat -- Merry Christmas; American Airplane Flying in Snowstorm -- Merry Christmas; Soldier and Girl -- Sailor and Battleships --

F.R. Fouthard

Camp Dix Christmas Card; Soldier in Barracks --

F.X. Kuczera

Weinachten 1917, German Soldiers, Christmas Tree, and Angel --


Santa in Uniform with Gifts --

H. Bouquet

A Merry Christmas with Warship and American Flag -- Christmas Winter Scene; Somewhere in France -- Soldier Giving Doll to Girl --

J.F. Bouchor

Parisian Statue July 4 --

Jacques Carlu

Christmas - Old Man Winter Chasing German same as # 7 sl -- Old Man Winter in Uniform, Chasing Germans --


AEF Crest and Eagle -- AEF Eagle -- Easter AEF Shield same as # 355 ak -- Statue of Liberty an Wreath of Flags --


YMCA 1917, Christmas Greetings Poem Card --

R. Feckheimer

Soldier New Years Toast --

Rich Klein

Soldier on Skis with Tree --


Soldier Boy Kisses Girl --


Christmas - Winter Scene Army of Occupation --


Avenue du President Wilson --

Silk embroidered cards

Christmas Allied Flags -- Christmas Blue Bird with Flap -- Christmas British Flag in Round -- Christmas Church and Sun -- Christmas GB Banner with flap -- Christmas Multi colored flowers with flap -- Christmas Multicolored bird with flap -- Christmas Pink Flowers -- Christmas Purple Flower with flap -- Christmas Purple Flowers acorn with Flap -- Christmas Purple Yellow Flowers with Flap -- Christmas Sailing Ship -- Christmas Sun's Rays -- Christmas Two Birds and Basket -- Christmas Two Birds on Fence -- Christmas Walkway Scene -- Christmas Winter Scene with church -- Christmas and British Flag -- Christmas banner with flap -- Christmas blue bird in center -- Christmas cat tails -- Christmas flower basket -- Christmas house with flap -- Christmas leaf in center -- Christmas multi colored flowers with flap -- Christmas red rose -- Christmas town -- ChristmasThree Roses with Flap -- Easter Allied Flags Briton in Belgium -- Easter Crucifix -- Easter Rabbit -- Easter allied egg -- Easter bell -- Easter british and french flag with flap -- Easter broken egg -- Easter duck -- Easter flower basket with flap -- Easter harp late use -- Easter horseshoe -- Easter house with flap -- Easter orchid -- Easter purple flowers -- Easter rabbit and eggs -- Easter two birds with flap -- Easter two chicks with flap -- New Year 1916 Peace -- New Year British flag and cornucopia -- New Year House and Flower with flap -- New Year Pink Flower with flap -- New Year Red Stripes with flap -- New Year cornucopia with flap -- New Year farm house with flap -- New Year field with 1918 and with flap -- New Year hearts and flowers -- New Year pot of flowers -- New Year purple flowers with flap -- New Year rose bouquet with flap -- New Year two roses -- New Year vase of large rose -- New Year vase of purple flowers flap -- New Year wreath of flowers -- St. Patricks Day -- Thanksgiving -- Thanksgiving multi colored turkey -- Turkey grey -- Turkey thanksgiving US flag -- Turkey white --

Walter de Mares

Fatherless Children of France; Child at Fireplace -- Soldier with Gifts for French Children --

Unknown Items

Unknown Artist

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