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Index to War Cover Club and MPHS Bulletins: 1937 - 2004

Members US $5; Canada, Mexico $8.50; all others $9
Non-members US $9; all others $12

Previous Issues of the Bulletin

Members US $3.50; all others $7
Non-members US $8; all others $12

Article Photocopies

Members US $1.25 for one article; $5 for up to 15 pages plus $0.25 afterwards; all others $2.50 for one article; $7 for up to 15 pages plus $0.30 afterwards
Non-members US $2.25 per article; all others #3.50


ALL orders for these items are prepaid in US funds; checks are to be drawn on US Banks, US Postal Money Orders, International Money Orders or PayPal through the website. For information about using PayPal to purchase these, and other MPHS publications, please see the PayPal usage page for MPHS members. Note that you must add $1.50 US to the total for PayPal processing costs to the Society. To pay for publications through PayPal you use the address:


Please send inquiries regarding back issues to the Society Secretary:

Louis Fiset, email:


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