MILITARY POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY Auction 172, Closing date: 5 July, 2003

This is the lot listing for the Military Postal History Auction #172, which closed 5 July 2003.

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1. Korea. Printed Death Notice with French stamp tied by 1899 Paris cancel to a Col. John Lee in Service of H.K.M.S (Korean Emperor?, Seoul, Korea via Nagasaki. Oriental backstamp. Deceased appeared to be Dean of school and recipient of Knight of Legion of honor. Corners of envelope no longer present. Has been hinged. AVE. Also cover showing drawing of large Hotel Moderne in Paris to Innsbruck with 4 25c stamps with Paris 1902 cancel and Austrian backstamp. Part of back missing. AVE. (917)

2. France, Small photo card of French Navy ship Le Pothuau (?).1905 Cherbourg cancel to Austria. F. (917)

3. Canada. Picture card of sailors pulling gun Halifax, Nova Scotia with embossed colored coat of arms. Canceled Chester NS DE 5 to U.S. with Riverside Iowa receipt handstamp. Years hard to read in cancels but message dated 1905. F (643)

4. Russian-Japanese war. Stampless postcard with Russian handstamp translated as Engr. Bn. from Tomsk Siberia 25.6.06 to Moscow. Said to have postage due markings. AVE. (870)

5. Miscellaneous. Unmailed Kansas National Guard Invitation 1886 and franked letter with faint but legible. 1886 cancel to Sgt. 1st. Inf. Rgt in Union Stock Yards Camp. Photocard Fort Russel with Cheyenne 1906 cancel. 1907 invitation to The Society of Colonial Wars, 1911. Colored picture card Whitehall New York State Armory. 7 picture cards showing Civil War topics most early 1910's. Plus soldiers home Sawtelle Calif. with 1927 LA cancel. AVE. (819)



6. Algeria. Business envelope to U.S. with corner card Alger and French oval censorship. Plus similar cover with no clear city in address with oval censorship with 2 different numbers. Cancel looks like Oran. Cancels hard to read. F. (643)

7. Austria. Stampless colored postcard with blurred Navy Post Office Pola 14.XII.17 cancel and red cachet of Battleship SZENT ISTVAN. AVE RES $10.00 .(870)

8. Austria. 4 stampless cards and envelope: FPA 223-Mountain train Squadron, FPA 501 Epidemy Hospital in Ochlopow, 211 2 different workshop handstamps with view of destruction, and scenic card FPA 63 reserve inf. Rgt. Pola, and envelope Officer's training Course Korps Hoffman FPA 12 with letter AVE. (870)

9. Austria. 4 stampless cards: Etappenamt Zamosc forwarded via Prag, Cannon Rgt, Trebinje , Etappenpost Belgrade on Belgrade card, and hospital Prag with colored street scene. AVE. (870)

10. Belgium. 2 Official covers from Government in Exile sent Free with civilian cancels. One with corner card Belgian Army Paris . Other Pyrotechnical school with Le Havre cancel and Anvers handstamp. Latter has opening tears and small pieces missing. AVE-F. (661)

11. Egypt. 2 covers /1 card with British BAPO Z cancels. Card is colored view of Cairo Mosque Nile. 1 small cover with corner card of Sultan Hussein Club with Pharaoh. Plus picture postcard of Suez with partial cancel. All have triangular censorship with 2 faint. (661)

12. France. Correspondence mostly between French girl and American Soldier at various locations including APO 705, American Camp Signan, APO 709, 723, American Camp St. Gervais, American Prison Camp Saint Loubes, All with letters in French or English or both. 13 Free F.M. 6 with stamps. Plus 6 covers through 1920 to States. Many covers are brittle. AVE. Some Advertising. American was a photographer who went back to States and founded a Photography business in California. There may be a story here. Many cancels look like they may be unusual? AVE. (917)

13. France. 5 cards. All Free unless stated. 1 multicolored "I am well" card with Tresor et postes 17 Nov. 1914 cancel with no message or addresses; Arras card with Tresor Et Postes 145 1917 cancel, U.S. soldier to U.S. with 1919 MAYENNE cancel on 10c Sower;.view of Vals-les-Bains; Free to U.S. with censor and colored view CHALON-SUR -SAONE APO 771 with Base and Unit censor. F-VF. .(661)

14. France. 1914 cover "Academie Francaise de Coupe de Paris" to Switzerland with circular handstamp "Genie-Organisation Defensive du Nord du Camp Retranche". Plus rare red/white/blue vignette of Society to aid wounded tied by same Genie handstamp. 1/2" Opening tear Swiss receiving mark. F. (723)

15. France. 1915 cover with corner "Hopital Annese E.B. Pau (Basses Pyrenees)" with a red cross and similar dated handstamp 14 SEP 1915 and weak Pyrenees postmark F (723)

16. France. Lettre envelope with picture of a general and postmarked Lomoges 1925. Also 1916 Carte lettre postmarked Tresor et postes #143. F. (723)

17. France. Printed POW envelope for Tours with 3 line handstamp "Depot de P.G.-Tours/No 3/VISE." No postmark as usual. F. (723)

18. France. Printed POW envelope for Solignac (Hte Vienne) camp. Weak Depot cancel F. (723)

19. Germany. 2 1915 FREE POW covers most likely from families to Red Cross Bordeaux. 1 special POW censor handstamp and other 3 line handstamp of Karlsruhe XIV Armeekorps with Zossen Camp cancel. F. (084)

20. Germany. 2 1915 FREE POW covers most likely from families to Red Cross Bordeaux. 1 special POW censor handstamp and other 3 line handstamp of Karlsruhe XIV Armeekorps with town blurred. AVE-F. (084)

21. Germany. 2 1915 FREE POW covers most likely from families to Red Cross Bordeaux. 1 special POW censor handstamp and other 3 line handstamp of Karlsruhe XIV Armeekorps . F. (084)

22. Great Britain. 4 "I am Well" cards with FPO C7 to Canada, H.1, R3, and T.36 cancels. 1 censored with slight toning. F-VF. (661)

23. Great Britain.10 covers/cards including 2 small and 2 large "Green" envelopes, special tobacco fund postcard, French viewcard, Spurgin colored postcard of child nurse and 1 large "Green" envelope with red and white censor label tied by triangular censor. We note FPO 20, 42, 146(?): Army S.11, S.15, S.16, T.56, Army P.O. 2 machine cancel AVE-F. (661)

24. Great Britain.Special Christmas card for XV CORPS 1918 showing crossed red and white flags. Inside shows Officer and enlisted man and 2 girls riding a large projectile with enemy in the shadows. No envelope or postal markings. VF. (661)

25 Great Britain..Mint photocard of "CAPTURED GERMAN LINER IN FALMOUTH HARBOUR AUG 1914. VF. Plus 2 Free covers with ship Tombstone censors and 2 different ship markings. F. (661)26. Hungary. 3 covers: 1 with handstamp of Commander of Field Company II/32 with military cancel Tabori Postal 90, Austrian Rgt. 83 with partial Tabori Postal 77 cancel with HEGYFAII cancel, and Infantry 91 with Baja cancel. AVE. (870)

27. India. 1918 letter to U.S. with 3 different Indian stamps with 6 letters and 2 obituaries of former YWCA Secretary General in Ceylon and India. Slight toning. F. (661)

28. Morocco. Free cover sent to France with 13.1.16 cancel of Mogador. Faint but legible cachet of Service des Renseignnments. (Intelligence?). Backstamped on delivery. F. (594)

29. Russia. 3 stampless different POW cards to Austria/Czechoslovakia from Kursk; Spaask, Kazan; and Spasskoje,Samara. AVE. (870)

30. Salonica. 3 Free covers to same address U.S. 2 with 1916 skeleton APO SX 8 1916 and BAPO X 1916 cancels and triangular censors., black and white military and civilian censor tapes.1 FPO 80 with 2 different CM7 censors with hard to read number. and red and white military censor tape. Plus Free cover with skeleton APO SZ 10 cancel to England. AVE-F. (661)

31. Turkey. Free envelope with corner card of AMERICAN BOARD Adana, Turkey with Indian type No. 310 12 MY 1919 Field Post cancel. Slight wrinkling. F. (661)

32. Book. THEIR CRIMES. 1917 Anti-German Propaganda. 1917. Softcover. 64 pages. Slight cover wear. F. (008)



33. Official War Department Penalty card for Walton, N.Y. Draft Board. Recipient classified IVA on JAN 11 1918. Y in cancel faint. F. (836)

34. 2 YMCA Unit censored returned covers. 1 89(?) Aero Sq. APO 788 to Soldier 157 Inf. Part of sender's name missing. Cancel hard to read. Various handstamps and endorsement Deceased. Plus APO 716 to soldier 113 MG Co. 2 line handstamp returned to Marine Corps Head Quarters. Opening tears . Small pieces missing. These are tough but useful for research. (819)

35. Cover with blurred APO 718 Jul 23 1918 cancel from soldier PWE 253 Co. APO 712. (POW Enclosure). Partial handstamp on back of Jewish Welfare Board. Stains on back. Roughly opened. Some tears. AVE. (424)

36. 4 censored covers from same soldier 110th Field Signal Battalion. 1 British Romsey cancel.Also APO 743 (2) and Base censored APO 702 machine cancel. AVE-F. (424)

37. YMCA LE FOYER DU SOLDAT French American Union YMCA letter sheet with drawing of French soldier. Used by member 308 FS Bn. APO 754 Blurry but legible blue APO 754 9/17/18 type 3000 cancel. Unit censor and local CENSORED/BY/FLD SIG. BN. handstamp. Unit excised from address but in letter. Separating slightly on perforations. Appears dirty? Plus APO 776 DEC 13 1918 A2000 type cancel..Also APO 738 A2000 type with reparable tears. and APO 702 machine cancel with Base censors and roughly opened. Mixed. (008)

38. 10 mostly YMCA covers with contents from same soldier various Stateside locations to wife in several Mass. cities. All but 1 VF. Plus heavily torn cover from Detention Camp #I (White) Camp Funston. Also 8 covers from home bases including Poor with Montgomery Aviation cancel. Also 5 letters without envelopes. AVE-F. (819)

39. 18 special 1¢ stamped postcards with message to be sent to new inductees. Mint.. Plus American Legion Auxiliary corner card on mint 1¢ card. Plus Salvation Army Welcome home card with 2¢ imprinted stamp. This is stained and cracked.Except as noted. F.(819)

40. YMCA covers with flag cancels APO's 2 and 705 (2) From 77th , 101 U.S. F.A., and 35th Eng. 1 has 3 line Officer handstamp in addition to Eagle censor. Opening tears AVE. (848)

41. Cover with Providence RI 1918 cancel to soldier 310 Inf.with various manuscript forwardings. Unusual blue and white label C/O AMERICAN/EXPEDITIONARY FORCES. Unfortunately someone has ripped out stamp that was not even required?. Also cover 33th Inf. , APO 914, and 303 San. Train. AVE. (661)

42. 4 different cards for returning troops including 2 different K of C with cancels. 1 from sender 4th Rgt. with mounting remnants on message side, U.S.S. Texan 79 Div. Also YMCA with no cancel from , Brugga? . Plus Jewish Welfare Board card from sender 8th Div. Some toning, aging, etc. AVE. (661)

43. Wall comic colored card used as arrival card with typical censor and no cancel. Plus Red Cross card with handstamp and printed official arrival card. F. (661)

44. 2 colorful cards: YMCA "Allies Flags and Flowers" and Private "Flowers of the Allies". Mint. VF. (661)

45. Same as last lot. (661)

46. 2 1918 K of Christmas cards with unclear cancels. 1 may have had message side pealed off?. Plus 1919 Easter with no postal markings. (661)

47. 6 postcards with military themes. 3 mint.. Plus Sacramento A.R.C. handstamp on unused card. Also 3 mint YWCA cards and mint Savings Stamps Pledge card with UX27 stationery. F-VF. (661)

48. 2 Newspapers for Field Artillery Central Officers Training School Camp Zachary Taylor. Newspaper size 8 pages each . Oct. 10, 1918 and Nov, 27 1918. Lots of names. First page shows some aging. F. (574)

49. AEF in BEF. Aero. Cover to U.S. from sender 658 Aero Sqdn. with ASCOT 10 AP 18 cancel and civilian censor tape. Slight tears and wrinkles. F. (661)

50. AEF in BEF. Aero. Colored postcard showing soldier signaling to loved one from sender 333 Aero Sqdn with weak Salisbury machine cancel and faint AEF unit censor. Plus French card endorsed Air Service with Base Censor with weak 1917 cancel to AEF. (661)

51. AEF in BEF. 5 covers with 15K with letter, 20K on British" I am well". 21K(2 1 roughly opened). and unclear cancel). .3 have clear censor. Mixed. (661)

52. AEF in BEF. Unusual preprinted YMCA "Somewhere in England" arrival card with simulated ink written message. To U./S. with Liverpool l9 NO 18 W.D.14 cancel. VF. (661)

53. AEF in BEF. 8 covers to U.S. including British APO S 51 cancel and censor from Army school APO 714, S 81 with British censor with # excised and civilian tape , British APO 1 machine cancel with blurred AEF censor, S 94 with British "Green" envelope and excised censor and civilian tape, partial Romsey cancel with AEF Unit censor from Officer 82 nd Div. with censor tape, and similar from 301st Inf. Nottingham cancel with AEF Unit censor and YMCA envelope.with London cancel and 2 line Examined By handstamp. AVE.-F.(661)

54. AEF. BEF. 2 covers to same person U.S.with rectangular censor with # made illegible. British APO S18 and illegible APO cancel Civilian censor tape. Also cover with 1/2p George the V with undated D F S cancel endorsed SS Queen Mary. 1934 cover with cachet for 20th anniversary of First Air Raid over Paris Oct. 11 1945 with 10c and 65c stamps tied by Paris 1934 cancel. AVE-F. (917)

55. AEF. Germany Occupation. Official War Dept. cover with THIRD ARMY APO 734 1919 cancel with blurred censor, cover with weak but legible APO 927 cancel from 4th Air Park 3rd Army. German town viewcard with no cancel and weak censor from Marine, and MPES machine cancel 1919 from 18th Inf. APO 729. AVE-F. (661)

56. AEF. Germany Occupation. Cover with APO 754 type 2000 series 3.1.19 cancel with Unit censor. Back stamped Hotel Atlantic Chicago MAR 22 1919. 3 rd Army Corps. Pencil return markings? F. (008)

57. AEF. Haiti. Article from Colliers May 24, 1919 on History of U.S. Marines in Haiti including Occupation Government. Has been folded and 1 column repaired. F. (661)

58. Book. The 4th Division in the World War. Softcover. 1919 9 by 6 inches.. 104 pages.100 pictures in action. Slight wear of cover. F. RES $20.00 (860)

59. AEF. Navy. Small cover from sender U.S.S.INDIANA. with Navy AUG 1918 cancel on 3¢ stamp and straight line PASSED BY CENSOR. Letter inside on generic Army Engineer paper used as arrival card. . Slight tear. F. (661)

60. AEF. Navy. 2¢ red postal card with Portsmouth Naval Yard cancel and PASSED BY CENSOR handstamp. Message says arrived safely. F. (661)



61. 6 postcards with pictures of ships U.S.S. BENNINGTON, Scout Ship CHESTER, Cruiser CHICAGO, U.S.S. KENTUCKY, TORPEDO BOAT MACKENZIE. 4 canceled 1905. 1 1908. Sender does not appear to be in military. Also Torpedo Flotilla Pensacola with message but no date,and 4 mint cards Torpedo Boats, Submarine Pike, and U.S.S. LEVIATHAN and Navy Plane smoke screen. F-VF. (661)

62. 12 1930-1932 covers franked with commemoratives including U.S.S. AARON WARD (2), U.S.S.ALTAIR, U.S.S. ARCTIC, U.S.S.ARGONNE (2), U.S.S. AROOSTOCK (4), U.S.S.BOND(?), U.S.S, BROOME. 1 toned. rest F-VF. (917)

63. 17 cacheted covers for Commissioning of U.S.S. CHICAGO MAR 9 1931. All with ship cancel and Mare island in killer.. 9 are #10. 1 Official Mare Island Naval Yard. Franked with Pulaski or Sullivan issues. Some toning. Most F-VF. (917)


65. 19 1930-1934 covers U.S.S. NECHES, U.S.S. PARTRIDGE with embossed cachet, U.S.S. PERRY, U.S.S. PREBLE, U.S.S. PRUITT, U.S.S. RELIEF, U.S.S. SAN FRANCISCO with cachet and cancel for first day in Commission, U.S.S. SIRIUS, U.S.S. SOUTHARD, U.S.S. TALBOT (6), U.S.S. TARBELL (2), U.S.S. WATERS, U.S.S. WRIGHT. Most AVE-F. (917)

66. 2 1930 covers 1 with U.S.S. V 6 cancel JL 1 1930 and handstamped commissioning cachet. F. Plus similar cancel for V-3 OCT 14 1930 with strong aging. AVE. (917)

67. 10 1931-32 Covers including Radio Controlled Destroyer target, U.S.S. LIGHT TARGET NO. 1 X35 (3-2 TYPES). Plus 6 Non military ship cancels.. 2 are "WORLD'S ONLY FLOATING POST OFFICE Detroit. AVE. (917)

68. 1933 cover with cancel of U.S.S. PATOKA with DUTCH HARBOR ALASKA in killer. Toning on back. F. (917)

69. 8 covers U.S.S. ARKANSAS (3 with no year in cancel but probably 1933,), U.S.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION with cachet, U.S.S.OMAHA. 1933, U.S.S. PERKINS 1937, U.S.S. PORTLAND 1938, U.S.S. REINA MERCEDES 1932 cacheted, . Plus #10 with corner card U.S.S.WEST VIRGINIA , with no cancel., Navy Yard Portsmouth N.H. 1927, and special cancel for National Reunion week and 40th anniversary of Spanish American War 1938. AVE. (661)

70. British. Special cacheted cover for visit of H.M.S. SCARBOROUGH VISITS BATH ME. 3¢ U.S..Connecticut stamp tied by Bath Maine 1935 cancel. Also Master at Arms Handstamp. Summary of war record with copies of ship photos. VF. SB $5.00 (904)

71. British. Special cacheted cover for visit of H.M.S. DUNDEE to Savannah Georgia. 1936 Plymouth Devon RECEIVED FROM H.M. SHIPS on British stamps to U.S. Also Master at Arms Handstamp. Summary of war record with copy of ship photo. VF. SB $5.00 (904)



72. Belgium. Cover to Switzerland with corner card of Brussels with stamp tied by partial VILVOR June 28 1919 cancel and pink paper censor tape. F. RES $6.00 (870)

73. Belgium. Cover to Switzerland with 5 5c stamps with black on white paper censor tape. Tape covers stamps and thus can not read cancels. Backstamped Clarens Switzerland 16.IV.19 F. RES $6.00 (870)

74. Czechoslovakia. Swiss 7 1/2 c reply postcard with 2 1/2 c stamp added with Basel 1920 postmark to Bratislava with blurred boxed red censor(?) handstamp. F. (661)

75. Dominican Republic.Small cover with partial Dominican Republic JUN 11 1920 cancel endorsed U.S. Marine and sent Free. Forwarded with cancel. Rust like stains and wear. AVE. (424)

76. Finland. Official stampless cover from Air Force HQ in Helsinki to a hospital. Trilingual 1927 Helsinki postmark with Russian removed. Air Force cachets on both sides. Rare early cover from small air force About 8 words of English translations added in erasable pencil. VF. RES $20.00 (870)

77. Finland. 1928 insured money letter with handstamp of Reserve Officer's School in Hamina Business Office and wax seals. Backstamped. Helsinki. Slight aging. F. RES $8.00 (870)

78. Palestine. About 150 stamps from British Administration. About 1/2 EEEF and rest 1927-45 issues with 2 Postage Dues. Scott 1992 catalog value said to be $70.26. F-VF. (661)



79. Australia. 3 covers with American Base Forces U.S. APO 501 1942-43 cancels. 2 without sender. Other with red and white Army censor tape and censor stamp. Plus air mail cover with double circle 1943 Navy cancel from 5th Marines and Navy censored. Mostly F-VF. (146)

80. Australia. APO 922 cover. Plus 6 ¢ air mail stamped envelope with April 29 7 BPO machine cancel without a year from sender APO 928. U.S. red on white army censor tape and Base 2430 censor. APO book ambiguous. May be New Guinea? Plus APO 43 1942 New Zealand. VF. (746)

81. Australia. 4 1943 U.S. APO covers from same sender. 3 with Base censor #1600 endorsed Foreign Language 1 also endorsed Polish. 1 cover has unit censor. F-VF. (755)

82. Australia. 3 U.S. covers including 7 BPO from APO 920 with Base censor; APO 922 with less common American Base Forces APO 922 June 1944 cancel; and Navy censored cover from Lt. Mobile Explosive Investigation ? with Navy 134 cancel and letter and torn. F (755)

83. Bermuda. U.S. Air mail cover with Navy Aug. 1943 cancel and censor from 31 th NCB in Bermuda. Faint inscription in killer. Looks like BEAT THE AXIS?. F-VF. (755)

84. Bora Bora. French Polynesia. Airmail cover from sender APO 919. Handstamp cancel with only year 1943. Postage due with fee paid by 2 3¢ due stamps. Slight wrinkle. F. (755)

85. Brazil. 3 air mail covers from Lt. 120 th USN Construction Bn. 2 roughly opened. 1 without cancel.1 #10 with 2 stamps. AVE-F. (755)

86. Cameroun. Cover from U.S. to Cameroun with 2¢ Defense and 3¢ Victory stamps with 1943 cancel Controle Postal Commission A Territore du Commission A censor Cameroun handstamp. Plus French type Military censor tape and oval handstamp. Also purple semi-circle handstamp. M'Balmayo cancel on back. F.SB $15.00 (755)

87. Cameroun. Cover from U.S. to Cameroun with 2¢ and 3¢ meter stamps with 1942 cancel Controle Postal Commission A Territore du Commission censor handstamp. Plus U.S. paper censor tape and small triangular handstamp. M'Balmayo cancel on back. F.SB $15.

00 (755)88. Canada. Air Mail cover with U.S. APO JUN 9 1944 cancel from sender Captain at APO 462 14 ATC Minneapolis. Had been folded at one time. away from markings. Not censored. S B$20.00 (755)

89. Canada. Free cover with U.S. APO 918 JUL 8 1943 cancel and unit censor. Sender with 35 Engr. ALCAN Highway c/o Seattle. slight soiling and some letters not legible in cancel. SB $40.00 F. (755)

90. Canton Islands. Air mail cover with AMERICAN BASE FORCES MAY 10 1943 cancel with no APO. Sender APO 914 with Base Censor. Slight wrinkle and tear. F. (755)

91. Canton Islands. Air mail cover with APO SEP 10 1943 cancel with no APO. Sender APO 914 with Base Censor handstamp and cellophane tape. SB $20.00 F. (755)

92. China. Facsimile "I am well" card for American POW Taiwan to Boys Town. Believed to be fundraiser. Passes in many locations as real thing. Some wrinkling. F. (661)

93. Czechoslovakia. German. Occupation Colorful red and black postcard showing the return of Germany of Saarland, Austria, and the Sudetenland. Czech stamp overprinted "Wir sind/ frei with Swastika tied by special 25.11.38 cancel for reincorporation into Greater Germany. Town name not clear. Slight creep of stain from stamp gum. F. (084)

94. Czechoslovakia. 2 different colored stampless military cards with POLNI POSTA 48 and 59 October 1938 cancels. Crayon censor. Addresses and messages. VF. (870)

95. Egypt. Air Mail cover to U.S. with 4 different stamps. Egyptian censor tape tied by censor handstamp. Also separate different handstamp.. Plus U.S. cellophane censor tape from new York. File holes away from stamps. F. (521)

96. Egypt. Small stampless cover to New Zealand with corner card of NAAFI and unit handstamp with#809. Plus red and white Base censor tape A.F.W. 3312 tied by 107 in circle and Deputy Chief Field Censor handstamp. Egypt 25 2 JU 42 cancel. Opening tears. F. Plus 1945 Air Mail cover with 4 stamps to U.S. with U.S. censor tape. Also 1962 air mail cover from APO 231 Libya. (643)

Finland items often translated on item in pencil

97. Finland. Pre-Winter War Mobilization letter from FPO 7 3.11.39 with 2nd Anti-Aircraft Rgt. HQ cachet. Partial Helsinki 1940 Olympics arrival cancel.(870)

98. Finland. Pre-Winter War Mobilization letter from FPO 7 24.11.39 with tank company and censor cachets. HANGO arrival cancel. F. RES $7.00 (870)

99. Finland. Winter War. Envelope from FPO 2 30.12.39 and card from FPO 1 with cachet of 7th Separate Battalion. F. (870)

100. Finland. Winter War. Patriotic censored card from FPO 1 to Helsinki. F. (870)

101. Finland. Winter War. Patriotic Military censored card from FPO 22 on last day of war 13.3.40 RES $7.00 F. (870)

102. Finland. Peace time after Winter War. Letter from FPO 29 27.6.40 Sender Musician from 4th Brigade Band based in Hämeenlina and backstamped..F-VF. RES $6.00 (870)

103. Finland. Peace time after Winter War. Letter from FPO 16 30.10.40 Navy. Boxed Fieldpost cachet in Swedish. Coast Artillery Fortress (Pirttisaari. Arrival mark. F-VF. RES $5.00 (870)

104. Finland. Continuation War.3 covers. FPO 2 24.6.42 with censor tape tied by censor handstamp. Patriotic card FPO 5 17 VIII 41 and FPO 5 13.7.44 with letter enclosed. F-VF. (870)

105. Finland. Continuation War.3 covers. FPO 6 6.3.42 to Rovaniemi, 6 2.IV.44 to Hämeenlinna, and 7 16.XII 41 with arrival. F-VF. (870)

106. Finland. Continuation War.2 covers. FPO 9 4.VIII.43 and FPO 9 different type 9.9.42 to FPO 7. F-VF. (870)

107. France. Mint set of stamps for French Volunteer Legion.. Troops fought in Eastern Front with Germans. VF. (661)

108. France. Cover to Red Cross in Geneva from civilian with no censor marks. Interesting circular hand cancel 21 11 44 of Souloncourt Mouzon. Slight aging and staple holes from filing. F. (917)

109. France. 2 covers from sender with staff of U.S. 20th BPO APO 21. Slight soiling and tears. AVE-F. (746)

110. French Equatorial Africa. Cover from Pointe Noire Congo with 65c stamp overprinted LIBRE 1 FR. to Cameroun. Controle Postal Commission B French Africa censor handstamp. Partial Point-Noire 27 OUT 42 cancel. Also similar handstamp for Cameroun?. Partial brown blank tape tied by oval Military Authority and small circle with B 3 handstamps M'Balmayo cancel on back. .SB$15.00 (755)

111. Germany. 2 postcards showing women resting in flowery fields . Card is written in German and the Cyrillic alphabet. Probably for "guest workers" from Ukraine? Cards of inferior stock. VF. (661)

112. Germany.1942 postcard from French POW at STALAG IVC 1942 and lettersheet from POW STALAG IIB 1943 with slight staining. Both have printed camp details and handstamps to Non Occupied Zone. AVE-F. (084)

113. Germany.1942 postcard from French POW at STALAG VID 1942 and lettersheet from POW STALAG IV. Both have printed camp details and Occupied/Non Occupied check off. Zone. F. (084)

114. Germany. Postcard and Letter sheet from French POW with printed STALAG IB/IA . with less common "tank tread" type censor of Kgf. B.P. Work Battalion. No cancels. Dated 1943 and 1944. F. (084)

115. Germany. 1941 Answer postcard from Nord France to POW STALAG VIIIA Camp censor handstamp. Cancel partially off card. AVE. (084)

116. Germany.1941 postcard from French POW at STALAG VID and 1941 lettersheet from POW STALAG XIB with paper clip mark. Both have printed camp details and handstamps to Occupied Zone. F. (084)

117. Germany.1941 postcard from French POW at STALAG XVIIA and no cancel. and lettersheet from POW STALAG VIIIC 1943. Both have printed camp details and Occupied Zone. address. F. (084)

118. Germany. Postcard from French POW with printed STALAG IA. with less common "tank tread" type censor of Kgf. B.P. Work Battalion. No cancels. Dated 1942 and and Letter sheet from STALAG VIIIC 1943. F. (084)

119. Germany. Postcard from French POW with printed STALAG IB. with less common "tank tread" type censor of Kgf. B.P. Work Battalion. No cancels. Dated 1943 and and card from STALAG XVIIA 1940 with handstamp on POW and check received. F. (084)

120. Germany. 2 reply lettersheets French POW. 1 Nancy to OFLAG VID . Other XVIIIA to Occupied France with unclear year. AVE-F. (084)

121. Germany. Reply lettersheet French POW. Nancy to OFLAG VID with no cancel dated 1942. Other card from OFLAG XVIIIA to Occupied France 1943. F. (084)

122. Germany. Air Mail cover from sender 430 AAA APO 339 in Netherlands with APO 270 JAN 30 1945 cancel XIX Army Corps then at Aachen. Cover and stamp torn near stamp. Repairable. F. (755)

123. Great Britain. Cover with 2 1/2d stamp tied by Forest Gate 5 AUG 1940 cancel. To Red Cross Switzerland and endorsed RED CROSS POSTAL MESSAGE SCHEME. PC 90 censor tape. Opening tears. F. Similar cover with 3d stamp. (723)

124. Great Britain. 2 Honor envelopes from same sender with FPO 759 and unclear 1944-45 cancels and Daynes type R7 censor #109. Also cover FPO 339 SP 45 BAOR and stamped cover with blurred FPO 534 (?) cancel to U.S.with shield censor tied by civilian censor tape. Also 8 items mostly from same correspondence stamped with no or civilian senders with civilian U.S. or British censor tapes. AVE-F. (424)

125. Great Britain. #10 cover to British Purchasing Commission Washington. D.C. Boxed AIR MAIL handstamp and Paper P.C. 90 censor tape.Endorsed PER NORTH ATLANTIC AIR SERVICE. Seller says these are Bomber covers 5 S stamp canceled in pen by 2 sets of 3 intersecting lines.. Said to be "Intrepid’s” secret interface with Roosevelt. F. (917)

126. Great Britain. Similar #10 cover to British Purchasing Commission Washington. D.C. Boxed AIR MAIL handstamp and Paper P.C. 90 censor tape.with Examiner 401. 4 stamps canceled in pen with different intersecting lines. F-VF. (917)

127. Great Britain. Similar #10 cover to British Purchasing Commission Washington. D.C. Boxed AIR MAIL handstamp and Paper P.C. 90 censor tape.with same Examiner 401. 2 stamps canceled in pen with different intersecting lines. F-VF. (917)

128. Great Britain. Smaller cover to British Purchasing Commission Washington. D.C. AIR MAIL label and Paper P.C. 90 censor tape.with same Examiner 401. 12/6 stamp canceled in pen with different intersecting lines. Dated JUN 17 1942 receipt cancel. F-VF. (917)

129. Great Britain. King George VI series 2d, 2 1/2d. 3d. 6d, 1/, 2/6, 5s and 10/ all canceled in pen with different intersecting lines. In mounts. Can't tell if gummed. Also letter with small discussion of these . Both parties believed deceased..F-VF. (917)

130. Great Britain. Air mail cover from Lt. U.S. Navy 100 with Navy censor and OCT 10 1944 cancel. Forwarded 2 times with various civilian cancels. Also APO 646 with Base censor and #10 APO 875 with Unit censor. F. (755)

131. Hong Kong. Original envelope for Operation "Halberd" September 1941 with special cancel for 50th Anniversary of the Fall of Hong Kong with BFPO 2279 25 DEC 91 cancel on British stamp for Parachute Regiment. Silk cachet shows Japanese soldiers dragging blonde soldier. VF. (904)

132. Hungary. Special stampless Fieldpost card with TABORI POSTA 16 SEP 10 1942 cancel and violet oval censor handstamp. F. (870)

133. Iceland. Free cover with Navy JAN 9 1943 cancel from sender N.O.B. Iceland. Slight wrinkling. F. (661)

134. Iceland. Air Mail cover with AUG 16 1942 APO cancel with no number. Sender 50 Sig. Bn. APO 860. Black and white Army Censor tape cut slightly short. and tied by unit censor. SB $15.00 F. (755)

135. Iceland. #10 Air Mail cover with APO 860 OCT 1944 cancel. Sender Brig. General Duncan? Base censor handstmp. Slight aging 1 area. Slight wrinkles. F. (755)

I cannot always make out Indian cancels. Someone with more knowledge in area probably could.136. India. Special pre-printed Air France airmail cover Calcutta to Saigon, Indo China Franked on back with 1R ,1 , and 1/.2 Anna stamps tied by KILASAVALPATI Nov. 1939 and Saigon DEC 39 cancels. 1 or more stamps may be missing. Brown paper censor tape with triangular Calcutta censor. Slight tear and cut slightly short on opening away from all stamps etc. AVE-F. (998)

137. India. Registered Air Mail cover from Karaikudi to Malaya. Registered label torn and reaffixed. Also manuscript R indications. Endorsed contents in Tamil. 3 stamps with values of 3A6p, 2A6p, and 1/2 Anna with April 1940 KARAIKADU transmit and MEDAN May 10 1940 receipt cancels. White censor tape with Red crown and triangular censor handstamp of NEGAPATAM. Small piece from corner cut. (998)

138. India.Small cover in Sanskrit(?) with addressee added in English Mabee(?)2 1A 3p stamps tied by a ...HIMALAM 22 FE 40 cancel. Can not make out earlier letters in cancel. F. (998)

139. India. Small cover to Bhuket W. Thailand with Kattaiyur (?) cancel on 2A 6p stamp. Indication of postage due required Black triangular censor F 2 tying red on white censor tape. AVE.(998)

140. India. Small cover to Malaya. 1 stamps with values of 2A6p with OCT 1939 KULIPIRAL transmit and KULIM KEDAH OCT 31 1939 receipt cancels. Triangular censor handstamp of NEGAPATAM. Small piece missing. AVE-F. (998)

141. India. Small cover to Malaya. Franked with 14 1 A stamps with FEB 1940 PUDUKOTTI transmit cancels. Triangular censor handstamp of Calcutta. F. (998)

142. India 6 covers to U.S. Various DHB and C censored handstamps. and tapes including 2 different red and white. AVE-F. (311)

143.#10 envelope with Wisconsin meter postage to India with 10 Vellore backstamps and Indian censor tape and handstamp DHD. 6 months in transit. Window envelope with name handwritten on glassine. AVE. (848) 144. India. 4 covers U.S. APOs 465 (2), 629* and 690. Plus APO 218 Burma. F-VF. (746)

145. India. Letter to air man US APO 650. Not at 650. 630 tried. Not right. Backstamped APO 630 and 886 in India. Also straight line MISSENT TO APO 886 handstamp and others. Handling and staining. Not clear where delivered. Stamp creased. AVE. (039)

146. India. Small package Thank You card from sender APO 487. Plus stamped air mail envelope with APO 886 cancel from civilian USOWI. F. (836)

147. Iran. Air Mail cover with Jul 21 1943 APO cancel without APO#. Sender APO 523. Unit censored. F. (836)

148. Italy. 5 Blue Military Postcards with Mussolini quotes etc.canceled P.M. 10 blurred , PM 81 , PM 127 (1945)and 2 with no cancels 1 with unit handstamp and censored and other from unit to units. F-VF. Plus 2 stampless Italian military cards used in WWI with military cancels. AVE. Also WWII cover from U.S. APO 88 identified in Italy. AVE. (424)

149. Italy. Special brown Forces card with hard to read civilian cancel from sender PM 3800. Slight display(?) pin pricks and paper clip mark. F. (424)

150. Italy. 3 Official penalty wrappers from U.S. APO 3 1944 to 23 General Hospital with hospital dated receipt stamp.. VF. Also APOs 88 (2-1 repaired), and 520. AVE-VF. (746)

151. Italy. 3 U.S. APO covers from APOs 528*, 761 (Sender 761R), and 785. AVE-F. (836)

152. Japan. China Occupation. Military postcard showing helmet and dove with message and handstamps. Identified as North China area Army Peking Unit 1840. (129)

153. Japan. China Occupation. Photocard of Iwashimizu Hachman Temple from Kyoto 1940 with stamp and civilian cancel to North China HQ Homma Butai with message and handstamps (129)

154. Japan. Military postcard with message and handstamps. Identified as 345 Butai from Harbin City Manshu. (129)

155. Malta. Cover with corner card UNION CLUB MALTA from RAF Squadron Leader to RAF Station England. London official Paid cancel and partial RAF censor without number. Similar cover from different correspondence with censor #178. F. (661)

156. Mexico. Scott C141 tied by Mexican Air mail cancel and Typed "OFFICIAL/FIRST DAY COVER with JUL 21 1944 of Mexican philatelic organization. U.S. censor tape. Years hard to read in handstamps but must be 1944. AVE-F. (643)

157. New Foundland. Unidentified cacheted cover with AMERICAN BASE FORCES AP0. 801-B MAR 9 1942 cancel. F. (146)

158. New Foundland. Large U.S. APO FEB 20 1943 cancel without APO. on FREE cover. Sender Capt. APO 864. Unit Censor 509. SB$18,00 (755)

159. New Zealand. Airgraph from New Zealand to England with New Zealand civilian cancel and DDA civilian censorship. No envelope. F-VF. (007)

160. North Africa. 6¢ stamped air mail envelope to wife(?) in Canada tied by U.S. APO 53? OCT 26 1943 cancel with British Daynes type A 500 British censor ??41. Could be Italy. F. (746)

161. Philippines. 9 covers U.S. APOs 70*, 72 (5), 74 (2), 301 (Official). AVE-F. (746)

162. Russell Islands. #10 air mail cover with Navy AUG 6 1945 cancel and censor. From USN Hospital Navy Mobile #10. Slight tears. F. (755)

163. Russia. 2 stampless covers from Moscow 1944 and 1942 Backs have censor handstamps of Moscow #23 and 30. Roughly opened at one end. Does not disturb markings. (870)

164. South Africa. Free cover to England with A.P.O U M.P.K. 12 21 NOV 1944 cancel.12 Motd, Bde. 6th S.A./ Armd. Div. Italy. Gothic Line. Shield Censor #1488. F. (084)

165. Surinam. 2 air mail covers from Capt. 9th Weather Squadron. Miami with Unit censor 201.with APO 602 cancels. 1 with year hard to read.. F-VF. (755)

166. Switzerland. Cover with St. Gotthard Fortress military mail handstamp to Zurich. No date. F.(723)

167. Switzerland. Cover to France from French Internee in Kenried Camp. Circular camp handstamp and #365. Swiss censor tape and Duzulle Calvados 1940 cancel on back. Slight stain. F. (084)

168. Trinidad. Cover from APO 695 and 6¢ stamped air mail cover with Navy cancel and censor from Section Base Fleet 117. F-VF. (746)

169. Trinidad. Commercial size cover with corner card of U.S. Engineer OFFICE APO 803 PORT OF SPAIN 15¢ map air mail tied by AMERICAN BASE FORCES APO 803 DEC 19 1941 machine cancel and local censor. Slight wrinkling. F.(146)

170. Tunisia. Air mail envelope from Navy Lt. Navy 93 with Navy NOV 3 1942 cancel and censor. Blank green paper tape used as provisional censor with manuscript statement by sender? Roughly opened.. F. (755)



171. Dumb cancel with no date etc. used by Sgt. with only name and serial number. Civilian cellophane censorship tape with #16 used in Washington, D.C. Tied buy 3 line handstamp War Department/Military Intelligence Service/Washington, D.C. Letter enclosed has little but date March 1 1944. Tear near name. F. (755)

172. Larger than #10 War Department cover of Pacific Overseas Air Service Command. Official registered with 4 6¢ air mail. 20¢ PREXIE and 3¢ Victory stamps. Backstamped with domestic cancels. 2 line WD ESSENTIAL/OFFICIAL AIR MAIL handstamp. Slight curling. F. Plus #10 War Department Air Mail envelope with corner card of Engineer Office Portland OR franked with 8¢ Transport. Also with WD ESSENTIAL OFFICIAL AIR MAIL handstamp. VF. (755)

173. Censor slip NC Form No. 3 for missing item. No envelope. F. (661)

174. War. Ballot. Official Post card requesting Absentee Ballot in 1944 election USWBC Form No.1. Plus Official Iowa War ballot in green. Includes Return envelope, Ballot envelope, and ballot. Slight toning of carrier envelope. F-VF. (755)

175. Air mail stamped envelope from APO 75 machine cancel without APO/date. Special GET US HOME/NO BOATS/NO VOTES. Letter enclosed dated NOV 1945. complains about delays getting military home.. Some of letters in handstamp faint. F. (755)

176. Air Mail cover with APO MAR 7 1943 cancel with no APO#. No sender;'s particulars except Name and Merchant Marine. Black and white Army censor tape and Base Censor 1109. Seller says Algers? (755)

177. Air Mail cover from Lt. APO 41 163 Inf.and self censored. 2 9¢ PREXIEs tied by blurred APO cancel NOV 10 with indistinct year. Wrinkled. AVE-F. (755)

178. 11 Free covers from Home Bases with Camp etc. name in cancel. 1 APO 451 Camp Breckinridge. 4 #10. 1 1947. Minimal Duplication. F. (755)

179. 17 Free covers from Home Bases with town cancels. 1 APO 35. 7#10s. Minimal Duplication. 3 postwar F-VF. . (755)

180. 11 Free covers from Air Bases with . name in cancel. 2#10. 3 postwar 4 corner cards. Minimal Duplication. F. (755)

181. 30 mostly Free covers from Air Bases with .town cancels. 7#10. 2 postwar. Some Duplication. F. (755)

182. 11 Free Army and Air Force corner cards with town cancels. 3 #20s. 1 6515 ASU Utah ORC Inst Group Fort Douglas Utah with handstamp "POSTMASTER-Do not mail outside/ U.S. except to U.S. Possessions. Undated but believed from war?(755)

183. Air Force Bases. 6 Free covers from bases with civilian cancels. 1 with corner card. (848)

184. Air Force Bases. 12 covers from various locations. 8 are colored tourist cards. F-VF. (836)

185. Army Bases. 14 covers from various locations. 6 have Fort etc. in cancel. 2 are small package Thank You cards. 7 are colored tourist cards. 1 from WAC. F-VF. (836)

186. 11 different mostly Free covers. 1 with Veterans Hospital cancel. F-VF. (848)

187. 136 covers to and from home bases. Duplication. AVE. (819)

188. Alaska. 3 covers APOs 726 (wrinkles), 935, and 948. AVE-F. Plus 1962 USA Arctic test Board. VF. (746)

189. Alaska. Cover with corner card of Naval Dispensary Naval Operating Base 151 at Dutch Harbor Alaska. Navy censor and DEC 21 1944 cancel tying 1944 Christmas seal. F-VF. SB $15.00 (755)

190. Alaska. 4 APO covers APO 726, 939*, 942, and 948.. Usual 1943-45 cancels/censors. (755)

191. Alaska. Unprocessed V-Mail to APO 948 and Processed one from APO 939. VF. (755)

192. Alaska. 2 censored 6¢ stamped air mail envelopes. 1 from Naval Air Station Sitka with NOV 23 1942 NAV.AIR STATION SITKA cancel with some letters faint. Plus #10 from Naval Air Station Kodiak with Navy SEP 25 1942 machine cancel with NAVAL AIR /STATION in message section. F-VF. (755)

193. Canal Zone. Cover with corner card unit France Field with France Field AUG 7 1941 cancel tying 3¢ Canal stamp. To APO 802 Bermuda with Bermuda Army censor #304 . Cut short on opening cutting in to stamp. F. (755)

194. Canal Zone. 2 covers APO 826 (1 with waste paper handstamp), Navy Hospital Navy 1955, and Civilian stamp with U.S. paper censor tape with U.S.A. Sept. 1942.cancel . Also 1940 NAS and 21948 with CZ stamps and 4 7¢ stamped airmail envelopes with 1962 Fort Clayton cancels. F. (755)

195. Hawaii. 16 covers including APO 25-2 with early censor, APO 331*. 456, 961, plus named 95th C.A., Fire Fighter School Pearl Harbor 3 14th Naval Dist, Navy 41. Plus postwar 958(3)and Navy 14 (2). 6#10. F. (755)

196. Hawaii. Airmail cover to New York franked with 2 2¢ Defense and 16¢ PREXIE tied by JAN 19 1943 Honolulu OAHU cancels. Less common U.S.A. on paper censor tape. Forwarded with transit cancel. Has been folded at one time. F. (661)

197. Hawaii. Cacheted cover by Teich with colored cachet of sailors marching with flags and eagle and inscription Department of the Navy Bureau of Navigation from sender CASU 1. Navy censored. No cancel. Slight tears and wear. AVE. 424)

198. Hawaii. 2 air mail covers from sender 156 Station Hospital APO 960, Each with early double circle Army censor. 1 with NOV 3 1942 APO cancel without APO. Other similar without year. 2 circular "blobs: near censor that may be part of process. F. (146)

199. Hawaii. 19 covers U.S. APOs 7 (3), 24, 25*, 27 (2), 309 (2 Official #10), 953*, 957* (3), 961 (4). Also 1946 and 1957 items. (746)

200. Puerto Rico. 5 covers same sender APO 848 SEP 1942 with Early censor Army 13. F-VF. (755)



All addressed unless stated differently.

201. 9 different cacheted covers commemorating European Aces by Pen Arts. Each shows drawing of Ace, his accomplishments, and enclosure on Ace. All have 1 1/2¢ PREXIE canceled ACE TEX JUL 25 1945. All but 1 F-VF. 1 has toning from improper storage. (225)

202. 8 different cacheted covers featuring headlines such as REDS ENTER POSEN / B-29's RAID JAPAN. Canceled on day of event. F-VF. (225)

203. 4 handmade covers made with various patriotic labels/stickers. Some partially tied by cancel. F-VF. (225)

204A. 8 different cacheted covers. 1 FREE from home base. VF. (225) 204B. 2 different cacheted covers. Each with plate # single of 6¢ Air mail Transport series tied by APO 380 cancel then in France. VF. (225)205. 9 covers with Artists for Victory Labels used to make cachets. 1 FREE home base and one with slight smudge. F-VF. (225)

206. Art Craft Patriotic cover sent Special Delivery and franked with single 13¢ PREXIE. Receipt back cancel. Slight handling marks. F. (225)

207. Patriotic cover sent Registered and franked with 7¢ and 11¢ PREXIE. back cancels. Toning and gum bleed through. AVE.. (225)

208. Home made Patriotic cover made with parts of actual newspaper showing military status and canceled on 9/27/44. Headlines show Albania. Franked with 2 Albania Overrun Nation series and Allies and 4 Freedoms issues. F-VF. (225)

209. 6 addressed cacheted covers with Oppressed Nations Series. 4 with matching cachets. 1 Korea, Kentucky. 1 Stahle. F-VF. (661)

210. Small cover to U.S. with hand typed corner card using letter V' to form large V for Victory with USA on top in red with Morse code for V-on bottom. Circular U.S. civilian censor handstamp with 4 O's and censor # 12726. Mexican stamp with illegible cancel. Also Free cover with 1942 Camp Wallace machine cancel and diagonally printed "IDLE GOSSIP SINKS SHIPS". F. (424)

211. Cover from Syracuse Army Air Base sent FREE with V ... _ Victory symbol with Syracuse 1943 cancel. Slight toning at one end. F. (755)



212. Mint Air Mail envelope with photo cachet for U.S.S. NEW MEXICO Sagami Bay V-J Day. VF (106)

213. Cover from Navy 920 with handstamp of U.S. Army LT-636 c/o FPO SF with Navy censor and squashed Navy JAN 1945 cancel. MPHS identifies Navy 920 as Coast Guard Manning Detachment F. (755)

214. Cover of U.S.N. Hospital with corner card Yosemite Lodge at the National Park. Letter written on Lodge stationery with Lodge cancel Dec. 1945. to Camp Pendleton with 5 line "Finger" Return to Sender handstamp of FPO San Francisco. Shows handling signs with slight hole in sender area. AVE-F. (755)

215. 3 #10 Penalty covers: corner card Sub Base New London Feb 1942 with Navy censor and forwarded (window envelope), Registered Aug 1942 with 15¢ PREXIE, and Banana River Corner card with Banana River NAS cancel. F-VF. (755)

216. 4 censored Navy covers: Navy Air VP.B 210, Navy Air V.P. 83 with APO cancel with no APO, U.S.S. WITTER, and U.S.S. WESTMORELAND #10. F-VF. (755)

217. 16 domestic locations. Minimal duplication. 3 #10. Also 1929 over with Naval Academy cancel. AVE-F. (755)

218. 23 Free covers from home bases. 12 with camp. base etc. in cancel. 4 Marines. 1 Coast Guard. Minimal duplication. F. (661)

219. Marines. Special Christmas card letter sheet from Parris island 1943. (819)

220. Marines. 79 covers from home bases. 1 Crosby like with Marine Hymn. Duplication. AVE. (819)

221. Marines. 5 covers: Corps Arty V A C (2 August 1944 Hawaii), VMSB 144-New Hebrides, 14th Marines (Jun 6, 1943 ?), and #10 28 Mar. with unusual backstamp of Army Postal Service A.G.O. JUN 18 1945. F-VF. (755)



222. USO card to soldier APO 953 New York from Fort Crockett 1944. Normal Returned to Writer "finger" and 2 line "No such APO served by/Postmaster, New York". Back has New York Grand Central cancel and NYPE Army Directory handstamp. Has been folded at one time. F. (819)

223 20 covers with APO in address and civilian cancels from APOs 29, 30 (2), 35,77 (2), 88, 89 with corner card 354th Inf., 94, 103, 258, 309 (3), 402 (2), 447 and 448 with corner card of Camp McCain. Plus 2 from Divisions 1942-43 without APO. 3 #10. Mostly F. (746)224. Desert Training. 3 covers C/O Postmaster Los Angeles.with 1943 APO cancels without numbers from APOs 439 (2-1 has drawing of air plane and 3 2¢ Defense stamp as postage). Plus unclear cover written over APO from 951 F.A. Bn. F-VF. (746)




225. #10 cover with corner card INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S EMERGENCY FUND UN New York with 1951 meter of UN Official mail To U.S. Dept. of Army. Some toning. F. (661)

226. UNEF.Egypt. Finnish Forces. Letter to Finland with 30 stamp tied by Dec 1956 Bilingual cancels of Finland Company. Also cancel not on stamp. VF. RES $10.00(870)

227. UNEF.Egypt. Finnish Forces Photo card "Bird.s eye view on Suez canal". Uncanceled but dated Gaza 28.2.57 Circular Red cachet of Finnish Company, F-VF. RES $10.00(870)

228. UNEF.Egypt. Finnish Forces. Letter to Finland tied by 11.2.57 Bilingual cancels of Finland Company. Envelope has Finnish flag and YKSK. Slight wear one side. F. RES $7.00(870)

229. UNEF.Egypt. Swedish Forces. Letter to Sweden with Swedish stamp tied bt SVENSKA FN-BATALJONEN 22.52.57 Egypt cancels. VF. RES $12.00(870)

230. UNIFIL. Lebanon. Finnish Forces. Picture postcard of Beirut to Finland with UNIFIL 27.SEP 1983 cancel and sender's address and message. F. RES $5.00(870)

POSTWAR MILITARY OTHER231. Belgium. 2 1F stamps on letter to France. Belgian paper censor tied by 25? and French tape tied by oval censor with LLY. Cancel not legible .(870)

232. Canada. 1968 Mil Strike. Department of National Defense made Emergency Mail deliveries. 3 Official Military covers from different Stations with handstamps to Chief of Defense Staff. Each has Emergency Mail handstamps and Dated Dept. of Defence Headquarters dated cancel. Larger than #10. VF. (661)

233. Canada. 2 cacheted covers for 1964 visit of Canadian Aircraft Carrier H.M.C.S.. BONAVENTURE. Canadian and U.S. Naval cancels. VF. (146)

234. Cuba. 1951 cover with Navy 13607 in 1951 cancel . Plus #10 with 1953 Navy 10018 cancel. Both with 115 in sender's address. # 10,wrinkled from storage. F. (755)

235. Cyprus. Special cacheted cover for Battle of Britain Festival showing British modern and WWII planes over Cyprus. British stamp tied by special battle BFPO 1139 10 OCT 70 cancel. Unaddressed. Back has handstamps for delivery by Parachutist.VF. (295)

236. Czechoslovakia. Special multi-colored postcard of Postal museum showing UN Peace keeper. Special UN Prag 4.3.2000 cancel. VF. (295)

237. Egypt. Air Mail cover sent registered to U.S. 6 stamps. Arabic censor tape.used in 1953. Some cancels hard to read. F. (643)

238. France. Ration card issue in St. Paulet 1946. Red and blue Provisioning Stamp tied by weak St. Paulet Aude 1946 cancel. F. (084)

239. France. 2 Paris View cards sent Free in 1969 with uncommon U.S. APO 09777 meter handstamps. F-VF. (848)

240. France. 2 covers with different cornercards and handstamps of Ministry of War Veterans and Victims. Sent Free with special commemorative 1952 machine cancel honoring Colonial troops.(723)

241. Germany. Cover from Berlin to U.S. with 2 25 pfg. stamps overprinted BERLIN in black with partial Berlin 20 4.2.49 cancel. Michel Briefe 1995 lists as 550 DM on cover. Forgeries exist. Slight envelope tear. F. (661)

242. Germany. 2 censored covers to U.S. with numeral issues. 1 with British censor tape and handstamp with slight dirt. . Other with US CIVIL CENSORSHIP FFM "B". AVE-F. (661)

243. Germany. #10 cover with corner card of North America Companies Frankfurt MIL. POST APO 757. 1950 APO 757 cancel. Large red boxed handstamp warning how to handle items classified above Restricted. F. (755)

244. Germany. U.S. Forces. 1960 stampless cover from Hof with all writing in German mailed to American Headquarters in Germany Heidelberg. Endorsed "Gebühr Bezahlt" and to be paid by recipient. No other markings except crayon 30 for postage due. Small staple holes. Not clear what happened to letter.F. (594)

244. Great Britain 9 mostly 1954-60 U.S. APO covers. 4 are large 1960 ballots. 2 are #10's.(819)

245. Great Britain. Special cacheted covers for honoring First Bomber Command Operation over Germany 3 SEP 1939 with Jersey stamp and cancel; 40th Anniversary of Battle of Britain with special BFPO 1714 cancel; National Army Museum 1973 with special BFPO 1345 cancel,and larger size cover for Open Day of Military Engineering school with special BFPO 1397 cancel. All except last have enclosure explaining events. F-VF. (039)

246. Great Britain. 2 cacheted covers for 1953 visit of H.M.S. PERSUEUS and 1969 visit of H.M.S. EAGLE. British and U.S. Naval cancels. VF. (146)

247. Great Britain. 1944-1968 group of 13 cut squares of mostly British stamps tied by British military cancels and identified. Includes FPO 431 17/4/44 used by Polish Forces, 676 1949 Inverness. Also Aden, Kenya, Malta, Berlin. BAOR etc. F-VF. (904)

248. Great Britain. Special cacheted cover for Queen's Review of Fleet 28 June 1977 9P Silver Jubilee stamp tied by special Jubilee BFPO 5277 1977 cancel and handstamp of Royal Yacht. Special enclosure depicting Jubilee Review. VF. SB $5.00 VF. (904)

249. Great Britain. POW lettersheet to wife from German POW Harcourt Hill Camp 1946 with POW CAMP No. 43 handstamp. Message in German on general family matters. No cancel as was common. F. (084)

250. Greenland. Jul 13 1966 cover with APO 09023 cancel on 5 ¢ stamp. Corner card USNS BOYCE (T-AK 251). Cachet for 1965 MSTS ARCTIC OPERATIONS. Back has humorous hand cachet of animal ARCTIC [EAST}. Some letters indistinct in cachets. F. (755)

251. Iceland. 2 #10 covers from Headquarters Iceland Defense Force APO 811951 or 57. 1 has torn tamp and toning. AVE-F. (746)

252. Iceland. Air mail cover with TOP OF WORLD cachet with Navy 17067 1965 machine cancel. Slight toning. F. (755)

253. India. 10 p INLAND LETTER sheet from Capt. to New Dehli. Correspondents appear to be Indian but correspondence is in English. Hard to read FPO 751 or 761 cancel. Contents says Main HQ 20 Inf. Div. 56 APO 23 Nov. 1963.Plus 15 NAYE PAISE stamped envelope tied by FPO 721 1967 cancel to Bombay and canceled.on receipt. Both have Unit Censor INDIA handstamps. F. (998)

254. India. 15 NAYE PAISE stamped envelope to Calcutta with FPO 805 21.7.64 cancel and INDIA UNIT CENSOR handstamp. Dated backstamp Calcutta. Slight corner cut. F. (084)

255. India. Unaddressed Official envelope with special colored cachet 60th year since 1933 of founding of No. 1 Squadron. Special Indian postage stamp tied by special cancel. VF. (039)

256. Israel. Airletter from Nahab via Haifa 1951 to Czechoslovakia.Three different Israeli censor marks on front and censor tape and handstamp on back. Opening tears F. RES $7.00 .(870)

257. Japan. 5 early covers different senders including APOs 239-2* with no year, 301-1947, 468-1946, 500-1945 official , and 547 1945. Also APO 245* JUN 1945 censored Rockies. AVE-F. (746)

258. Japan. 100 air mail covers from same sender with APO 201 1952 machine cancels. F-VF. (746)

259. Japan. 73 air mail covers from same sender with APO 201 1952 machine cancels. Plus 36 air mail covers to same soldier. F-VF. (746)

260. Japan. 6 colored local photocards used by member of U.S. military in 1950's and 60's.U.S. stamps and military cancels. 3 Japanese cards but mailed elsewhere. Plus 2 others. Mostly F-VF. (643)

261. Korea. Free cover APO 235 1946. #10 corner card APO 234 with 1954 APO 59 cancel and 6¢ stamp.Plus long letter in English from boy in 1957 with no envelope. (819)

262. Libya. Cover from Cairo to civilian APO 231 Libya and forwarded to APO 633. Germany. Manuscript forwarding with APO 231 transit cancel at Lija and 3 line military handstamp reminder to advise correspondents of full address. Egyptian stamp not canceled. Arabic circular mark. German like partial Egyptian cancel. Slight tears and stain. Plus 3 FREE WWII British Forces covers with Egyptian cancels. F. (424)

263. Palestine. Free cover to England with British FIELD POST OFFICE 1 15 AP 46 cancel. 6 top hard to read. Envelope made from British military form in English with some Arabic. Part of flap missing but sender with Royal Signal A/Tk MEF 14.4.46. AVE. .RES $5.00 (408)

264. Palestine. Free cover to England with British FIELD POST OFFICE 123 121 MR 47 cancel. Cover forwarded with civilian cancel on back. Flap torn. Sender with H.Q. 15/19 HUSSARS M.E.L.F. Some toning and wear. AVE. RES $5.00 (408)

265. Palestine. Stamped air mail cover to England with British FIELD POST OFFICE 789 cancel and unclear particulars. . Sender 6 A/B Div Sig Rgt British Troops in Palestine. RES $5.00 (408)

266. Turkey.Cover from U.S. to U.S. Capt. at TUSLOG Det. 676 APO 09380 franked with "B" stamp and with large 7 line Return to Sender handstamp and 1981 cancel. Backstamped with APO 09380 hand cancel. F-VF. (106)

267. Turkey. Special exploded registered air mail "POSTAGE AND FEES PAID" official cover from US APO 254 to U.S. Backstamped with MOB cancels APO 254 1963 plus New York cancels and Bank receipt stamp. F. (746)

268. United States. 1967 Official signed letter and envelope from Lt. General Commander 8th Air Force to Sergeant about possible assignment. Plus Red Cross Blood letter and cards same Sgt. Plus some other items. VF. (819)

269. United States. Most Missile related. 2 1958 covers with cancels of White Sands Missile range. Also 2 #10 cover with 1973 and 1981 Saipan cancels . Last from Coast Guard station. F-VF. (848)

270. United States.Special cacheted cover with special cancel for 1952 Exercise Snow Fall at Camp Drum. Plus 9 home bases and Alaska. Also 3 WWII including well traveled greeting card size. Plus a few stamp cut squares. AVE. (848)

271. United States.. 70 APO covers beyond MPHS listing. Most 1999-2000. Some earlier. Good variety to Banks. Most F-VF. (819)

272. United States.. 66 covers to/from bases all services . Most 1960's or earlier. Some mint never used. (819)

273. United States. Alaska. Ham Radio QSL confirmation card KL7BZC Adak, Alaska Navy 230. Blurred Navy 13608 1958 cancel. F. (755)

274. Space Program. 2 stamped covers with 25 August 1966 cancels of U.S.S. HORNET and SPROSTON. Back has cachet of APOLLO Unmanned Flight AS 202 RECOVERY FORCE.Slight end wrinkling. F. 2 Official War Department #10 covers with 1949 cancels U.S.S. YOSEMITE 1949 to U.S.S. AMPHION. Not space related. F. (819)

275. Nuclear Testing. 5 6¢ air mail stamped envelopes revised to 5¢. All from Captain 1535 th AAFBU Kwajalein APO 824. Error by writer actually Navy 824. 1 has Navy 10866 DEC 261947 cancel. 1 APO 187 APR 2 1958 slightly blurred.3 1948 with APO cancels and no APO. F. (819)

276. United States. Air Force Bases. 11 mostly 2¢ 1952-54 postal cards . Evidently project where collector sent card to clerks and asked for return with Base MOB cancel. Most also have civilian cancel. Heavy duplication. F-VF. (848)

277. United States. Canal Zone. 29 1968-69 covers with letters from Private Fort Davis with various Fort cancels on 10¢ Canal Zone stamps. Also 3 1954 covers different sender Navy 188 with 8¢ Canal Zone stamps tied by Rodman or Balboa cancels. Mostly F. (819)



I have had some difficulty validating seller's definition of period in Former Yugoslavia. I'll do my best to state what I think they are. However this is not my collecting area and as time has gone on it seems to be more and more confusing



278. Canadian Forces. Cover to Belgium with Canadian stamp tied by CFPO 5003 11.XII.1996 cancel and UN 11.12.1996 cancel and English/Russian IFOR handstamp. VF. (295)

279. Polish Forces. Cover with handstamp of POLBAT NORDBRIG IFOR with Polish Warsaw 60 type meter cancel. no sender VF. (295)



280. Canadian Forces. Cover with UN 11/26/1999 UN cancel with label of Princess Patricia's Light Infantry from Sgt. OPKINETIC Box 5140. VF. (295)

281. Canadian Forces. #10 envelope from 1st. Bn. The Royal Canadian regiment with at Petawa Base. Letter enclosed from Commanding Officer after return from Kosovo with 15n JUN 2000 date on letter. VF. (295)

282. Netherlands Forces. Cover to Germany with Netherlands NAPO 500 18.5.99 meter cancel and no sender. Slight clip marking. F. (295)

283. Norwegian Forces. Cover with Norwegian stamp tied by FELTPOST 100A 11.11.99 cancels No sender. VF. (295)

284. United States Forces. Cacheted cover for UN in Kosovo. Endorsed Operation Hawk U.S. NATO and flag stamps tied by APO AE 09348 8 JUL 1999 cancel. VF. (295)



285. Czechoslovakian Forces.Cover to Germany with 2 uncanceled Czech stamps and British stamp with faint BFPO 1027 cancel. Front has attractive SFOR CZECH BATTALION BOSNIA 1998-1999 handstamp. Also red unit handstamp 7. MECHANIZOVANY PRAPOR Sender on back Commander/CZECH LO/HQ MND (SW)/ BANJA LUKA. BFPO 553. AVE. (295)

286. Finnish Forces. Cover to Canada with Finnish stamp tied by slightly blurred FINCON SFOR 10.5.99 cancel. F. (295)

287. Finnish Forces. Cover to Finland with Finnish stamp tied by FINCON-SFOR 22.4.97 cancel. VF.RES $5.00 (870)

288. French Forces. Cover to Netherlands with 2 line handstamp of Signal section with French stamp tied by BUREAU POSTAL MILITAIRE 660 16.04.97 cancel. VF. (295)

289. Luxembourg. Cover to Germany with 6 different NATO (?) handstamps with boxed corner card of Luxembourg ARMED/ FORCES SFOR with Belgian stamp tied by Brussels 9.04.99 Brussels cancel. F.(295)

290. Netherlands Forces. Cover with hard to read sender's particulars on back with UTRECT NAPO 80 28.XI.97 meter cancel. Appears to be family letter. F. (295)

291. Norwegian Forces. Cover with Norwegian stamp tied by FELTPOST 200 1.11.99 cancels. Plus FIELD POST OFFICE NO MSE SFOR circular handstamp. VF. (295)

292. Russian Forces. Russian military theme letter sheet with stamp overprinted like stamp BOSNIA 1996 SFOR and Russian 19.12.96 cancel. Plus boxed handstamps BOSNIA IFOR 19.12.1996 Last Day and BOSNIA SFOR 19.12.1996 First Day. Receipt backstamped KAZAN 8 TAT. ACCP. VF. (295)



293. Post Office card Form 3548 for Notifying addressee that mail is being held for additional postage. New York 1946 cancel to soldier on board U.S. Lines S.S. Eufaula with 1 line "DISCHARGED handstamp. Some hinge remnants. Also 2 covers to same recipient with Navy commemorative postage stamp tied by April 1946 cancels. F. (819)

294. 11 non-philatelic covers with cancels of U.S.S. CARL VINSON with corner card and cachet, U.S.S. DIXON, KALMAZOO, LAWRENCE, MORTON, NAVARRO, PUGER SOUND, SEATTLE, WHITE PLAINS, and YOSEMITE. MOST 1980'S

Plus USS DIABLO, EDONTON and NICHOLSON in address only. Also 1967 picture postcard U.S.S ALABAMA and control room of U.S.S. LING 297 19779. AVE-F. (819)295. 30 air mail covers from Marine Col. HQ SERV. Command FMF Pacific. late 1945-46. Most dumb Navy cancels but also Navy 12897 (3) and 12917. 1 Special Delivery. Also mint postcard of Marine Corps memorial. AVE-F. (819)



U.S. Forces unless stated.

296. 5 Free covers. APO 59* 1951, 301 (2 with no year), U.S.S. ANTIETAM (2-1 Penalty 1951 with small piece missing and 1952 normal),. Plus front with Navy 14009 UNIT 2 JUL 1951 cancel from sender M.T.A.C.S-2. AVE-F. (819)

297. 1951-55 5 Free U.S. APO covers APO 7, 24, 25, 102, 301 and 1951 cover to APO 201. Plus air mail cover APO 6 1946. Also 2 covers revalued 5 air mail stamped envelopes APO 235 without date in use 1946-49 in Korea and 2 1963-64 APO 31 covers. (746)

298. United States. Air mail cover to Switzerland with US APO 96301 1977 cancel with handstamp of HQ UNC and corner card of J4 HQ UNC/USFK/EUSA . UN Armistice Commission. VF. (295)

299. Special Father's Day card with colored map of Korea in envelope from sender 5th AF APO 970. APO cancel blurred. F. (661)

300. 6 covers: Army APO 264*-1953, APO 971-1955, 1st Mar. Div-1952, Navy 12867-1952, 12868-1951, 15869-1951 U.S.S. BOXER VF-721. Plus 2 covers 1950 Japan and July 24 1945 self censored Iwo Jima. AVE-F. (661)

301. Great Britain. Special colored cacheted cover for 30th Anniversary of the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. Special 29 NOV 1980 BFPO 1696 cancel with map of Korea tying British stamp. Unaddressed. VF. (904)



302. 50 covers with letters from 1969-70 from member 8th Arty APO 96225. No cancels as was common in latter part of war. Also different sender with 1965 APO 96227 cancel and piece missing.away from cancel. AVE. (819)

303. APO 40 machine cancel from sender APO 96240 with #10 window envelope. Plus 2 #10 APO 96273 1970 [n Thailand with letters. 1 has Thai 10 Baht enclosed. F. (755)



Desert Shield/Desert Storm

304. “F” stamp tied by APO 09697 4 MAR 1991 cancel of Saudi Arabia. Sender's handstamp of 4401 AIR POSTAL SQDN, DET 1 09697-0006. To R.E. Wallace Texas. Some unimportant letters in cancel not legible. F. (687)

305. Desert Shield/Storm. 2 FREE covers: APO 09851 21 MAR 1991 and APO 09857 10 MAR 1991. Some numbers in cancels weak. F. (755)



306. 1946 cover with 6¢ air mail stamp and handstamp INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE FOR AIR. 1944 cover with "NOT AT CHANCERY" handstamp, 1933 Grand Forks RPO, 1946 RMS, 1956 Returned Unknown, 1940 Honolulu to Squadron Hickham Field, Minkus patriotic used in 1958, cover with Japanese stamps to APO 44 1958 and forwarded, #10 from American Consulate Dominican Republic and 4 Official ballots from post war period- 3 canceled. AVE.(819)

307. Serbia. 3 Serbian cards in German and Cyrillic with stamps. 2 in color. 2 with Belgrade scenes. Dates hard to read but appear to be early 1900's. AVE. (661)

308. United States. Special cacheted cover for First Trip of Empire State Express December 7, 1941 New York, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Detroit. Enclosure card explains route etc. 3¢ Defense issue tied by N.Y. & CHI.E.O R.P.O. TR 51 DEC 7 1941 RMS.cancel. The celebration was no doubt upstaged by other events on this day. VF. (661)

309. United States. Special pin to indicate someone is serving in military in family. 1 star red , white, and blue metallic(?) flag with crossed swords and U.S. I remember flags in window but probably too young to remember these. WWII. (?) VF.VF. (661)

310. Germany. 2 1984 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova Postmarks away from stamp. Cachets of MS Europa Bosporus or West Europe Cruise. German stamps tied by HAPAG LLOYD MS EUROPA Deutsche Schiffpost 1984 cancels. Slight stain. address taped out on 1. and tied by handstamp.F. (703)

311. Not used.

312. Germany. 6 1979-85 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova Postmarks away from and on stamp. Cachets of M/S AQABA CROWN Hamburg, GALEONE EVERI WILHELMSHAVEN, MS INGELHEIM, NORLANDIA HAMBURG, Kommando TS MELBOURNE EXPRESS with HAPAG Lloyd corner card and M/S SEELÖWE. German stamps. F. (703)

313. Italy. 3 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova 1983-85. Ship cancel of M/S Nathalie DELMAS, COMPAGNIE NAVIGATION D'ORBIGNY Toulon, and COMPAGNIE GENERALE MARITIME. 2 have French stamps. Postmarks tie stamp and also away from stamp. F-VF. (703)

314. Italy. 3 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova 1980-84 . Ship cancel of ALLEMAGNA EXPRESS, T/N AUSONIA GENOVA with picture card of ship, CABO SANTA ANA.SEVILLA, Postmarks tie stamp and also away from stamp. Italian stamps.F-VF. (703)

315. Italy. 3 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova 1984-85 . No stamps with large boxed handstamp where stamps would be explaining why no stamps. Special envelope of tirrenia navagazione with handstamps of M/T FLAMINIA, M/T STAFFETTA MEDITERANEA, and M/T VERGA . F-VF. (703)

316. JAPAN. 2 Paquetbot covers postmarked Genova 1984-85 .1 Japanese stamp with handstamp of M.S. HAKATA MARU. Othet Italian stamp tied by Japanese dated cancel , and 2 different M.S. IKOMA MARU handstamps . VF. (703)

317. United States. 4 printed envelopes of United States Lines Rotterdam. Bremerhaven, Le Havre, Rotterdam. and Kenya cancels.with Paquetbot handstamps etc. Kenya one has forwarding orders enclosed. F. (703)

Suggested (SB) or Reserve Bids (RES) are in general provided by the Seller and are not necessarily endorsed by the Auction Manager. Descriptions & Bidding Envelopes are as expected for area: e.g., European size, etc., and will not be described unless unusual (#10, etc.) Books are hardcover unless stated softcover. APO number is in cancel unless stated. * means in Sender's Address Only. Navy numbers in address unless stated to be in cancel. On individual lots U.S. WW II APO covers are on stationery with imprinted stamps unless stated FREE or stamped. Larger lots are mostly mixed. V-Mail has been processed and is with envelope unless stated otherwise.

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