MILITARY POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY Auction 171, Closing date: 4 January, 2003

This is the lot listing for the Military Postal History Auction #171, which closed 4 January 2003.

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1. War Cover Club Bulletins, almost complete (missing only four issues) from Feb 1967 thru Jun 1991 (when name changed to MPHS) plus $7.00 printed matter postage.VF.(999>

2. American Revolution. Book. Archibald Robertson His Diaries and Sketches in America 1762-1780. 242 pages. 63 plates. Diary and engineer sketches by British Engineering Officer. 48 page index. VF. (036)

3. War Department #10 envelope with 2¢ Banknote issue with 1889 Barrel New York A cancel to a Major Dubuque Iowa with backstamps and tears.; War Dept. Penalty envelope with corner card of Waterfleet Arsenal and Westtroy 1894 cancel with slight smudges; Package label U.S. Naval Observatory Nautical Almanac Office with Washington D.C. parcel cancel tying Penalty statements believed to be 1894; reduced official penalty envelope of West Point with West Point 1905 cancel. AVE. (903)

4. U.S. #10 cover with corner card of DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SOCIETY/SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION to General Beckinridge President of Society at War Department. Posted in 1900 with pair of 2¢ stamps. Small piece of front and flap missing. AVE-F. (819)

5. China. French Occupation. Colored Peking College picture card to France with unclear Marseille? cancel and partial Corps D Occupation anchor handstamp. See Luft Page 71. AVE. (723)

6. Russia. Colored postcard of painting The Dream showing troops sleeping in open with stacked rifles. Russian stamp with Feb. 17 1914 Russian cancel and message and canceled on picture side with Codogne Feb. 21 Italian cancel over small label for sender's address. (424)


7. Belgium. Colored picture card of Hagenau Alsace to Belgium with Berlin cancel and Lüttich censor handstamp. Underfranked at 7 1/2 p but apparently delivered. Message faint but legible. F. (869)

8. Bosnia and Herzogovina. Small cover from sender Austrian Lloyd Fiume to Austrian soldier Murek Steiermark with Bosnian Military mail 10 stamp and partial cancel that looks like 1917. Also boxed Fiume military censorship. Slight soiling. AVE. (424)

9. Dominican Republic. Letter to U.S. with 2 uncanceled 1 Centavo stamps overprinted 1917. U.S. New York censor tape and handstamp. Dominican JUN 8 1918 cancel partially under tape. Had been folded. Some aging and slight tear. AVE. (848)

10. Egypt. Cover to U.S. with blue censor sealing tape tied by oval censor# 12 handstamp. Opening tears. Cancel hard to read. F. (869)

11. France. View card of Blois with circular handstamp of Commandant School DE PILOTAGE 28. Plus indistinct circular cancel. Endorsed FM. AVE-F. (869)

12. France. 3 view cards of St. Valence, Tours, and Lyon. All sent FREE. 2 with handstamp of Station staff. Other convalelescent Depot.AVE. (869)

13. France Forces. Italy. 2 covers with handstamps of Military Mission in Italy with seated women symbol of France. One Tresor et Postes 174 21-8-15 and backstamped Gironde. Other with #214 14-8 17 cancel with small piece missing away from markings. Also unused French military card with colored flags of Allies. Plus WWII French Military card with 18 October 1939 POSTE AUX ARMEE cancel. AVE. (424)

14. Germany. 5 stampless Feldpost covers 3 postcards with 8 Ersatz and 2 type of 9 Inf. Divisions.named cancels. Also 1917 Göttingen cancel with handstamp of local Ers. Btl and letter sheet with dumb 3 star 1918 cancel sent by Military Train unit 7. (860)

15. Great Britain. 2 small stamped Navy censored covers. 1 Gould type 7C5 oval handstamp with DA type grill cancel. Plus large PASSED BY CENSOR handstamp and grill cancel with illegible 3 digit insert.. Small piece of flap missing. F. (998)

16. Great Britain. 3 covers. 1 franked with 2 1/2p stamps tied by dumb Gould DA type handstamps. 2 Honor envelope with D.C.1 1917 cancel tying 1 p stamp and torn censor tape. 3 stampless. 1918 APO S 15 machine cancel with CM 6 #1062 censor listed by Boyden as 9 th General Hospital. Latter 2 to U.S. AVE-F. (869)

17. Hungary. Registered cover Veresko to U.S. Hungarian and British censor tape. Budapest censor handstamp. Plus Free Hungarian military card with handstamp of Infantry Regiment Gerba Nr. 78 From Feldpost 44 with faint cancel. AVE. (869)

18. Hungary. Swiss postcard with Sender's address Scotland to Serbian POW(?) Hungary with Geneva 1918 cancel and 2 triangular Vienna censor handstamps. VF. (869)

19. India. Cover and card to U.S. with Bombay censor handstamps. Letter has red and white censor tape. Card colored view of Rangoon. with some aging and tears. AVE. (869)

20. Italy. 4 Italian 10 cent. and 1 Free Postal Cards with handstamps Censore No. 1, double circle Commissione Censura N 87 and 263, 3 line #170, and boxed PM 97. F-VF. (424)

21. Italy. 2 Italian 10 cent.and 1 Free Postal Cards with Verificata per CENSURA handstamps. Plus 5c cent. card with stamp added and triangular censor. F-VF. (424)

22. Italy. 8 covers with censor handstamps with military unit designations including 15 Division from civilian with stamps to War Zone; Double circle handstamps from: Commando Tappa, Commando Difeza Trafficom-N , 6 Artiigliera Fortezza, 6 Armate. Plus R Corpo boxed, Circular Artigl da Fortezza (Costa) 40- Gruppo. and oval Corpo Spedizone. Some have additional non-named censorship. (424)

23. Japan. Picture card of 1915 Grand Military Maneuvers. Faint commemorative cancel. No message. F. (129)

24. Japan. Card and official large commemorative handstamp cachet dated Osaka Nov. 8-11, 1919. Issued for Grand Maneuvers. Card shows soldiers, canon fire, planes and Himeji castle. No message. Small stain. SB $3.00. F. (129)

25. Japan. Picture card about 1915 showing army biplane aircraft flying in sky over Nagoya. No message. Slight stain. F. (129)

26. Malta. Cover with corner card of Stamp Exchange Vallette. Back has 2 1/2d Malta stamp tied by 11 SP 14 cancel and straight line censor handstamp. Slight wrinkles. F. (869)

27. South Africa. Commercial cover with corner card BETHLEHEM O.F.S. to U.S. with Bethlem NOV 1915 cancel. Plus large and small circular censor handstamps. Roughly opened through cancel. Easily reparable. F. (869)



28. #10 War Department envelope from Brig. General Bandholtz , Provost Marshall, with 1919 APO 706 machine cancel and self censored with OK handstamp and signature. Enclosures mimeographed Commendation from General Liggett and similar from Major General Harbord. Slight tears. F. (903)

29. 6 censored # 10 penalty envelopes from Forestry Section APO 717 with 1918 barrel cancel to Engineers Gien forwarded and backstamped French cancel Corbigny Bievreand; similar front only illegible APO in cancel; Supt. of Roads APO 708 with blurred 1919 cancel; CO Engineer Troops St. Maurice aux RH(Yonne) with July 1918 French cancel of same; 2 from Engineer /Forestry troops at French locations to CO Gien (Loiret) with no cancels. AVE. (903)

30. Censored # 10 penalty envelope Lt. Col. Walker MC Base Hospital 116 APO 731 with unclear NOV 2 1918 barrel cancel. Soiled and tears. AVE. Plus YMCA envelope from soldier APO 772 with 10 SEPT 1918 cancel. F.(903)

31. War Department Penalty envelope with corner card of Office of Chief Signal Officer with 2¢ stamp tied by Washington, D.C. 2nd Liberty Loan machine cancel. Slight tear. F.(903)

32. 2 1918 Official postcards with draft board classification for different soldiers and classifications. Plus Penalty envelope with Draft Board handstamp. 2 have flag cancels. AVE-F. (903)

33. Small censored cover with double circle APO 713A 20 November 1918 cancel. Letter enclosed . Letter identifies as mechanic in Air Service but is written 3 months after cancel. Slight tears. F. Small cover with double barrel APO 776 cover in Germany. Slight soiling and tears. AVE-F. 6 covers same sender APO 715 and 2 others all badly torn on opening. Poor.(848)

34. Special Correspondence of the Army of the Republic postcard for Farmers Loan and Trust Paris showing Statue of Liberty, globe, and all allies around card edge including Siam, China, etc. Card is for checks received from New York in Francs. Military censored but no cancels. Probably sent in an envelope. F. (869)

35. Foyer Du Soldat card used by member 103rd Inf. March 15 1918 APO cancel with APO not legible. Partial censor. AVE. (869)

36. French view card from sender 497 Aero with APO 717 DEC 30 1918 machine cancel. F-VF. (869)

37. 4 postcards sender 45th Inf. 3 have blue crossed rifles insignia on message side.. 3 different domestic locations.1 not canceled. F. (727)

38. 5 covers. 4 same sender including YMCA with British Morn Hill Camp 1918 cancel and partial civilian censor tape. 2 APO 750, and APO 662(poor). Also Souvenir card different sender from 324 H.E.K. with illegible APO . Except as stated F. (727)

39. Cover from Maine Nov.4 1918 to soldier APO 705 Rectangular Boxed Forwarding handstamp of APO 727 and Returned to U.S.A. Markings. Plus Penalty cover with Directory handstamp but no cancels. F. (869)

40. European size cover from civilian YMCA to Canada with 3¢ stamp tied by APO 746 9/13/18 cancel. Civilians had to pay postage. Base and Unit censor. F-VF. (869)

41. Colored view card of Fort Oglethope Officer's Quarters with May 22 1918 Chattanooga Military Branch machine cancel. VF. Also Spartaburg S.C. Church with Oct 1917 Wadsworth Military Branch machine cancel. AVE. (869)

42. Special Orange Treasury Department Official Business Penalty cover Form FC 4 for pledging to buy War Savings stamps in 1918. June 28 1918 Coral PA. cancel. VF. (869)

43. Front of STARS AND STRIPES wrapper to Ohio.Illegible censor #.and no cancel. AVE. (819)

44. 5 covers including APO 705 1919 Officer's mail with faint Educational Commission corner card, APO 706 Base Hospital 10, and 127th Inf. , 5th Art. C.A.C., 18th Engr. with French card, and Officer's mail with blurred APO in 1918 cancels. AVE-F. (836)

45. War Department cover used in 1920 with 2¢ stamp with sender's handstamp of well known AEF collector A.C.TOWNSEND. Toning. F. (819)

46. French Military Post card with blue printing sent from S.S.U. 62/91 B.C.M. France with DEC 25 and 27 1917 APO 2 cancels on front and back. Slight hole and 2 Base censor handstamps. Also French card showing Chateau-Thierry "First American victory" from 141 Automobile Company with no postal markings, .F. (860)

47. YMCA cover from sender 332 F.A. with DEC 30 1918 AEF Bordeaux machine cancel. 6 page newsy letter. Corners of envelope frayed. AVE. (860)

48. Censored cover with cancel of APO 719 7/6/1919 from Sergeant 104th Rgt. Engineers with unit armory logo on envelope and 3 page letter. Cancel weak but legible. F. SB $8.00 (860)

49. Patriotic YMCA War Work Council flag envelope and stationery used by member of 301st Amb. Co. Camp Devens with 8 page letter with interesting discussion of trolley lines Andover to Ayer. Small piece missing of envelope and faint but legible cancel. F. (860)

50. Cover and letter from Lt. 42 Engineers. dated Oct 18 1918 with APO 723 A4001 and A70003.9 cancels and Base Censor #7. Forwarded . Letter talks about Christmas label that is no longer present and film sizes. F. (860)

51. Navy. View card of Paris sent by member of U.S. Naval High Power Radio Detachment. Dec 31 1918 Army Bordeaux cancel.VF. (869)

52. Navy. YMCA cover with 2 line EXAMINED BY/ L 8 handstamp and Unit censor handstamp Base Censor tape. No cancel.Endorsed Sailor's Mail. Plus Cover with special semicircular Navy Forces Europe CENSORED M11 handstamp believed to be shore station. No cancel. F. To same recipient. (869)

53. Navy. Cover with 3¢ stamp tied by U.S.Navy FEB 14 1918 cancel. Semi-circular dated censor stamp listed in Kimes as U.S.S MINNESOTA. Smudge and some wear. AVE. (869)

54. Navy. Cover with 2¢ stamp tied by U.S.S.NORTH DAKOTA MAR 20 ? cancel. Year not clear? . F. (869)

55. AEF in BEF. OCT 17 1918 cover to soldier in American Hospital England. Forwarded but no other markings. 1 1/2p Letter Card canceled Portsmouth Sealed with several censor tapes.Message talks about crossing but no unit information. Small cover with letter enclosed and British censorship. F. (869)

56. AEF in BEF. # 10 envelope sent by American Major Am. Rest Camp Winchester with smudged cancel of Morn Hill Camp Winchester and AEF Censor 512. To Base Hospital 6. Slight toning. F. (903)

57. AEF in BEF. Cover with British Field Post Office cancel 12.K AUG 12 1918 with boxed British censor 6550 used by American 80 Div. 2 rounded corners and 2 small corner pieces missing.does not detract from overall cover. AVE-F. Plus beat up cover from same correpondance with US APO cancel OCT 29 1918 with no APO# and AEF censor with illegible number. Poor-F. (424)

58. Germany Occupation. Cover from Major Military Mission Berlin. APR 20,1919 APO 927 cancel. Slight tears. F. (869)

59. North Russia. Small envelope with British FPO PB 55 23 MY 1918 cancel and PE/C 8 oval censor handstamp. General Delivery handstamp on receipt in States. Letter enclosed. Some letters faint. F. (869)

60. Book. The Postal History of the AEF 1917-1923 War Cover Club edited by Theo Van Dam. 1990 Second Edition with errata. 265 pages richly illustrated. Besides expected AEF European campaign coverage with valuation guide also includes outstanding chapters on POW, Courier Service, Red Cross, Rhineland Occupation, Civilian Postal censorship, Aviation, and Russian campaign. New.RES $20. (999)

61. Book. AEF in the BEF by Boyden. U.S. Forces with British civilian or military cancels. Identifies Units, locations, and units associated with censor stamps. Approximately 150 illustrations and 400 pages. VF. New RES $25. (999)



62. 2#10 Navy Department covers: 1 front from U.S.S. GEORGIA with Philadelphia 1909 Cancel and other cornercard Navy Yard Washington, D.C. to Mass. with Washington R.P.O. NOV 15 1911 TR 14 cancel with some indistinct letters. F. (903)

63. Small cover to Seattle with OCT 12 1911 cancel of U.S.S. WEST VIRGINIA tying 2 ¢ stamp. A couple of letters faint. F. (848)

64. 5 #10 like Penalty covers from U.S.S. NEBRASKA 1912; U.S.S. NEW JERSEY 1912, U.S.S. NEW YORK 1916; U.S.S. VERMONT 1913, and U.S.S. WYOMING.1913. Some strikes partial but legible. Some opening tears and aging. AVE-F. (903)

65. 14 #10 covers with ship corner cards and land 1926-30 cancels- mostly 1928-29. from U.S.S BOWIE (small envelope). CHASE, GALVESTON, KIDDER, (2), MOODY, NEW MEXICO, OMAHA, OVERTON, ROBERT SMITH, SHIRK, and YARBOROUGH (3-1 without dated cancel), AVE-F. (903)

66. 9 Official #10 Penalty covers with 2 types of cancels 1929-31 of U.S.S. WRIGHT. 5 with pieces missing on opening. Plus U.S.S.VESTAL 1932 with pieces missing. Also DESTROYER SQUADRON NINE and United Fruit Company. front. Mixed. (819)

67. 14#10 covers with ship corner cards and 1930-39 cancels from U.S.S. ARKANSAS. BLAKELY, CHICAGO, DENT-back of window envelope from Veterans Administration), DETROIT, EAGLE, ERIE (Canal Zone in killer), J.D.FORD with Byrd stamp and backstamped U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS, MILWAUKEE ( Cuba in killer), MILWAUKEE ( Puerto Rico in killer with stains), TENNESSEE (Piece missing) and 3 cut short U.S.S. TEXAS, UTAH, and WYOMING. (AVE-F). (903)

68. 4#10 covers 2 with corner cards with U.S.S Asiatic Fleet and ships name and MAR 5 1941 cancel of U.S.S. BITTERN in Philippines and U.S.S. POPE in corner card and with OCT 27 U.S.S. BLACKHAWK 1941 cancel on 50¢ PREXIE via Clipper. Also cover with corner card U.S.S. MINDANO Canton, China with 1935 cancel with ASIATIC/STATION/HONG-KONG/CHINA in killer with stains and U.S.S. OTUS corner card to States with 50¢ TRANS PACIFIC AIR with NOV 1941 SAN FRANCISCO cancel and via Clipper.AVE-F. .(903)

69. 27 larger than #10 Penalty cover from mostly ships sent registered with dumb cancels 1935-39 (mostly 1936) to U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS with backstamps mostly of sending ships. All franked with 15¢ Statue of Liberty. One has 6¢ wing airmail added. Little duplication. AVE-F. .(903)

70. 3 larger than #10 Penalty cover from U.S.S. BRIDGE, U.S.S. RANGER and U.S.S PREBLE sent registered with dumb cancels 1936 to U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS with backstamps mostly of sending ships. All franked with 15¢ Statue of Liberty. Each has Navy Wax seal. 1 perfect. Other 2 varying legibility. F. .(903)

71. Small cover with 3¢ Washington tied by 1936 cancel U.S.S. COLORADO. Forwarded. F. Plus 2 covers for U.S.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION with OCT 27 1932 cancels with Washington, D.C in killers. Each has handstamped cachet Navy Day Washington Bicentennial. F. Also U.S.S. ARKANSAS 1931 Flag cancel, U.S.S. NEW ORLEANS 1934 First Day of Commission with letter and application form enclosed from OUR NAVY Magazine. USS HOUSTON 1935 with cachet 5 years commission. (848)

72. 1933 Christmas Menu U.S.S. CHESTER and 3 page mimeographed story on “The Ship’s dance” from Staff but no year, 1933 and 1934 handouts for visitors U.S.S. MEDUSA. Launching program U.S.S. BLUE and HELM 1937 and 4 2000 ton USGC Cutters 1936. Plus 2 tickets for Launching of U.S.S. NASHVILLE 1937. Also 2 invitations for Launching of U.S.S. RHIND sent by mail with 1 and 1/2¢ PREXIES and U.S.S. NOA 1940 REGISTRY cancels. F-VF. (146)

73. Official Penalty cover with corner card of U.S.S. ASHEVILLE Asiatic Fleet. Stampless with 1934 cancel of U.S.N. PURCHASING OFFICE SHANGHAI CHINA with SHANGHAI CHINA in killer, Had been folded at one time. Flap missing. F. (755)

74. 13 1938-41 covers with Navy shore units in cancel Torpedo Station Seattle(4), San Juan, Pensacola, Corpus Christi, Torpedo testing Maryland, Key West First Day, and Chincoteague Island.including 8 cacheted. 3 First Days. AVE-F. (146)

75. 7 larger than #10 Penalty covers: 4 from ships and 3 from Boston Navy Yard sent registered with dumb cancels 1939-42 with backstamps 5 franked with 15¢ PREXIE, 1 with 15¢ PREXIE and 6¢ air mail and 1 5¢ and 10¢ PREXIES. Some show handling. AVE-F. .(903)

76. Multi-colored cachet for Launching of Destroyer 420 U.S.S BUCK MAY 12 1939. Cover has partial U.S.S. TOLMAN (?) cancel. Enclosure special announcement for launching by PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION. F. (005)

77. 10 larger than #10 Penalty covers with home base 1940-41 cancels to Washington , D.C. All but 1 with Scott C23 added to pay air mail rate. 1 special MAILGRAM orange envelope. (903)

78. 2#10 Official covers 1 U.S.S. DEWEY MAILGRAM VIA CLIPPER with 20¢ TRANS PACIFIC AIR with OCT 1941 ship cancel. F-VF. Plus cover with 50¢ TRANS PACIFIC AIR with faint July 1941 Honolulu P.I.BR cancel with Navy Yard CAVITE P.I. in killer. F.(903)

79. Book. Annapolis Today by Banning 1939. 354 pages. 31 illustrations. From being a Plebe till graduation. Appendix has chronological highlights of Academy from 1608 when explored by Capt. John Smith till 1938. 5 pages of Midshipman lingo. AVE. (036)

80. Marines. 5 covers 1925-30. 4 #10 like. 3 Penalty. 1 with Marine Barracks Philadelphia cancel philatelic. Others similar locations. Tears. AVE. (146)

81. Marines.4 covers 1939-1940 with Marine organizations in hand cancels. 2 with cachets for First Day Atlantic Amphibious Branch, 2nd Def, Bn. and 7th Marines. Also cancels 2nd Marine Aircraft Group . F. (146)

82. Marines. Marine Station Virgin Islands. 3 stamped covers . 2 with different cachets for First Day Postal Service Submarine Base Charlotte Amalie June 2 1941. Other 1939 with FMF cancel. 1 with flap gum bleed through. F. (146)



83. United States. Book. Wings Around the World . U.S. Army Air Service in 1924 world flight. 104. Pages. Original jacket. VF. (036)

84. United States. 4 #10 Penalty envelopes from France Field Canal Zone 1929, Citizen's Military Training Camps 2nd Corps 1925, Fort Slocum 1929, and Ft. Huachuca 1929 . Plus greeting card size cover with corner card of HEADQUARTERS FIRST CORPS AREA Boston 1929. F. (903)

85. United States. War Department. envelope sent by Headquarters Hawaiian Department Fort Shafter with 3¢ Washington overprinted Hawaii, Scott 647, with Honolulu 1928 machine cancel. F-VF. (903)

86. United States.Special cacheted "1st DAY COVER" for Fort ; Leonard Wood with Fort APR 1, 1941 cancel; 1938 card inviting Lt. to Promotion Board 1938; Official penalty #10 cover from Pennsylvania National Guard 1933; and 1935 cover with handstamp and seal of Department of Kentucky VFW with signatures of various "Kentucky Colonels. "F-VF. (819)

87. United States. 14 covers with different Forts in 1934 cancels. No sender's address. Also 1936 cover with Newport Naval cancel. F. (848)

88. United States. War Department Penalty envelope with corner card of Headquarters, Company 123, CCC/ Camp SCS-8/ Whitney Point New York with 1936 cancel. Civilian Conservation Corps. Also 2 regular Army Penalties 1935-36. (848)

89. Spanish Civil War. Cover to Venezuela with 1 ABR 38 cancel with illegible city on Republican stamp Large Rectangular censor handstamps on front and back with no indication of location. Signs of handling. AVE-F. (414)



All references to Temporary APOs are from Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations 7th Edition Volume 2 Temporary APOs 1941-1947 by Russ Carter

90. Admiralty Islands. 7 U.S. Forces covers APO 201*, Navy 10573 Br cancel with sender 3205, 3205*(3). and 140 NCB #10 with tears.. F-VF.(727)

91. Algeria. U.S. Forces. 3 covers APOs 528, 530 (To APO 251 Italy) and Navy 147. F. (727)

92. Algeria. U.S. Forces.4 humorous native cards from same sender APO 512 April 1943. F. (727)

93. Australia. Airmail cover franked with 4 D Koala Bear stamp with Air Mail cancel with difficult to read date and town. To soldier U.S. APO 713. Backstamped 7 BPO FEB 23 194 with no unit. Probably 1943 ? Cut short on opening. (869)

94. Australia. 3 covers: U.S. APO 32 with red and white censor tape, 922, and V-Mail from APO 41. F. (727)

95. Australia. Cover with U.S. 2¢ and 3 ¢ Defense Issues canceled JAN 29 1942. U.S. Paper censor tape covered by Australian 2 dot censor tape and S.144 censor handstamp. F-VF. (848)

96. Australia.15 APO covers APOs 021-1 (6), 921-2, 922, 923* (3-1 with U.S.A.F.I.A. censor), 924 with stamp missing, 7 BPO with corner card Australian Hotel. Plus New Zealand postcard to U.S. with N.Z. censor handstamp and partial cancel. 6 roughly opened. Mixed. (819)

97. Australia. Small 23 JAN 1942 meter cover from Victoria with usual censorship and less common U.S. paper tape over this. Plus June 1942 New Zealand meter with Christchurch cancels and NZ censorship. F. (574)

98. Australia. Free cover with U.S. APO machine cancel DEC 30 1943. Sender 12 Cav. Rgt. APO 201 South West Pacific area. Moved around this period to New Guinea. Details lacking in MPHS and military sources. Base, Unit, and cellophane censor tape. Flap missing. F. (755)

99. Belgium. Cover to USA with Belgian stamp from Brussels with what looks like December 1945 cancel. U.S. cellophane censor tape of New York. Also Belgian bilingual paper censor tape and handstamp. Opening tears. F. (869)

100. British Guiana. Greeting card size envelope with DEC 18 1942 cancel without APO number. Sender gives domestic street address. Race track censor 414 placed as APO 807 in Helbock. Slight tear. F. (848)

101. Canada. 7 covers sent by Canadian troops in England. 5 with British stamps. 2 Free. 4 with unit handstamp. 5 to Lowell Mass including 1 air letter sheet in French from C.H. Kirouac relative of famous author? There is only 1 listed in current Lowell phonebook. F. (869)

102. Canada. 3 covers with British FPO's used by Canadian units including FPOs 522, 539, and 585. 2 with Canadian stationery and unit backstamps. 1 with PC 90 tape to U.S. Plus British FPO 30 1939. Also 4 stamped peace time British covers 1936-50 with camp cancels. F-VF. (007)

103. Canada. 2 patriotics with Canadian stamps to U.S. August 1945. 1 definitely Canadian.origin. Other? Slight bleeding of flap gum. Also #10 registered OHMS Canadian Post office cover to U.S. F-VF. (311)

104. Canada. 6 covers U.S. APO 997 1943. 5 from same sender. 1 had Prince Rupert in address. Some opening tears. F. (727)

105. China. 4 covers U.S. APOs 210, 212, and 627 (2- 1 Chinese Combat Command with chop on back?). Opening tears. F. (727)

106. China. Japanese Occupation. Colored military postcard depicting Chinese Market place. Signed artist Takahaski Ryo. Mitsumura color printers. No message. Slight toning. F. SB. $3.00 (129)

107. China. Free cover APO 627 MAY 26 1944. Unit censored. Part of sender's address cut on opening. Wrinkles and toning. AVE. (819)

108. Cuba. Sender 26 Wing with 1¢ Defense and 5¢ Naval Academy stamps tied by JUL 19, 1943 U.S. APO 632 cancel. Thin streak near senders side of card. F. (727)

109. Egypt. Greeting card size cover from 26th Air Depot Group U.S.APO 678* with Jan 1943 APO cancel. Opening tears. F. (727)

110. Fiji. Free cover from APO 913 FEB 7 1944. Slight repaired opening tears. F. (819)

111. France. 3 different military postcards 1 Priorite Postale Aux Armees to Sector Postal 125 with 11/10/39 St. Jean de Barsants cancel. Plus similar printed card from Sector Postale and also red white and blue card from Sector 161. Latter have messages but no postal markings. AVE-F. (723)

112. France. Greeting card size cover with, and black corner card of LA FRANCE LIBRE. London 1/2d stamp tied by MTP Triangular dumb cancel with wavy lines. To U.S. with Nov. 13 and no year cancel. Probably printed matter as flap gum still new. F. (869)

113. France. 2 covers. 1 with philatelic Lorraine Ohio cachet to soldier Temporary APO 15927 listed in Carter as France. F. Plus torn cover APO 887 Oct. 1944. Opening tears. F. (727)

114. France. Book. The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution.:Communal Response and Internal Conflicts 1940-44. 320 pages. Soft cover Advance Proof. Paper clip rust.mark. F. (036)

115. France. Book. Pocket Guide to Paris and Cities of Northern France.. Published by United States Army during war. Covers 20 towns. 86 page soft cover guide book. VF. (036)

116. Germany. Drawing of Künzelsau with APO 410 JUN 2 1945 machine cancel. F-VF. (869)

117. Gold Coast. 2 US APO 606 1944 covers. 1 from Mil. Intelligence Liaison. Other 109 th Bomb Sq. VF. (727)

118. Gold Coast. 2 Unit Censored US APO covers from Temporary APOs 8755 and 12970. 8755 has Charleston S.C. cancel and letter that would lead you to believe sender still in States. VF. 12970 has no sender's address (727)

119. Great Britain. Forces Letter sheet with imprinted 1 1/2d stamp and Glasgow JLY 1945 cancel. To member of Group 289 R.A.A.F. Station New South Wales Australia with some sketches and strange spellings in text?. Plus 8 BASE POST OFFICE SEP 1944 machine cancel and civilian censored cover to Red Cross. AVE-F. (869)

120. Great Britain. 2 Honor envelopes: 1 FPO 585 AP 45 used by HQ 1st Canadian Army in Netherlands. Other indistinct year with RAF censor R14 type from Italy. Plus FPO 791 on 1p stamp with no year. with multiple "CANCELED" handstamps?. Also registered censored South Africa to U.S. and Mexican postcard with U.S. censor handstamp. (869)

121. Great Britain. 5 covers. 4 with tombstone censors. 3 with Maritime Mail and 2 with RECEIVED H.M. Ship cancels. 2 with PC 90 tapes. 1 to Canada. AVE-F. (007)

122. Great Britain. 12 censored U.S. APO covers from APOs 134, 403, 413 (2), 511, 558 (3), 637*, 647, 874, 887*. Plus cover from sender APO 413 that looks like upside down 19 in cancel but is probably APO 61. F-VF. (998)

123. Great Britain. Air mail cover from Depot Veterinarian APO 556 with FEB 17 1944 cancel. Official letter. Unusual unit. VF.(755)

124. Great Britain 9 covers from U.S. APOs 127, 143, 145, 179 with ink splotches, 508, 579, 635 First Cav. Patriotic(?), 648, and 652. F-VF. (727)

125. Great Britain. 6. covers identified in Carter as from U.S.Temporary APOs 4942, 9239 V-Mail, 9826, 9976, 18527-V-Mail. and 3343. F-VF. (727)

126. Great Britain. 3. covers from APOs 128 (2)and 132, and with return addresses of APO 16212 (2). and 16182 and identified in Carter as U.S.Temporary APOs. F-VF. (727)

127. Great Britain. Cover from .Temporary sender 116 th General Hospital APO 5541. Unusual double circle U.S Army cancel with indistinct date. To Newfoundland with 15¢ rate. Reparable tear. F. (727)

128. Great Britain. Processed V-Mail Christmas card from Great Britain from sender 66 th Fighter Wing APO 637 November 1943. No envelope. F. (727)

129. Great Britain. POW stamped POW Air letter sheet. Address filled out but no cancel or message. F. (869)

130. Book. World War II Censor Marks. Daynes. A priced list of censor marks and labels used by British Empire and Allied Forces in Exile. A must have.118 pages. Softcover. VF. (999)

131. Great Britain. Book. The Man Who Never Was by Montague.160 pages with 24 photos. Account of famous deception scheme on D-Day landing F (036)

132. Greenland. U.S. Navy change of address card. Sailor moving from U.S. Coast Guard Receiving Station Boston to Navy 1503. Boston, Mass. 4/13/45 cancel.VF. (903)

133. India. Small OHMS Official envelope to Secunderbad Club with Indian FPO 111 15 JUN 1944 cancel.F-VF. (860)

134. India. Blue Triangular Air Letter Sheet. Inside gives address as HQ 225 group R.A.F.India. Text to Pan American Airways about magazine. Indian Type military censor and civilian handstamps. Postmark heavy but indistinct. F. (869)

135. India. Christmas card envelope with red and green Seasons Greeting and APO 465 DEC 9 194? cancel from sender Temporary APO 4750. Plus APO 218 SEP 4 1945 Burma. F. (727)

136. India. Small FREE cover with U.S. APO 885 1944 cancel from Photo Det, with Unit censor. F-VF. (848)

137. India. 6 covers from US APOs 629, 689* (3), 690 and 883. Also processed V-Mail from APO 689 with torn envelope. Plus Sept. 1945 Navy cancel with cornercard of United Seamen's Service Calcutta. 3 roughly opened. AVE. (819)

138. Iran. 6¢ air mail stamped envelope with APO 680 cancel. Some letters in cancel indistinct. Some soiling. AVE-F. F. (727)

139. Iran. Processed V-Mail 1944 Easter card from APO 797. Original mail had registry type APO cancel No envelope. F. (727)

140. Iran. Processed V-Mail 1944 Mother's Day card from APO 797. Original mail had registry type APO cancel No envelope. F. (727)

141. Iraq. 1944 cover to U.S. with what appears to be Iraqi censor handstamps?. F-VF. (311)

142. Italy. OAS cover to U.S. with British FPO 217 JY 1944 cancel with Daynes type R14 RAF censor with #67 and 311.31 listed as 323 Wing. Plus FPO 584 11 AP 45 with shield censor #5457. F. (869)

143. Italy. U.S. patriotic cachet franked with 3 different Italian AMG stamps and tied by indistinct Italian 1944 cancels. F. (869)

144. Italy. Stampless cover with Viglatore, Messina 22.8.44 cancel to Italian POW NATOUSA P.W.E. #139 Oran Algeria. F. No obvious censorship. Slight wear at edges. F. (005)

145. Italy. Air mail envelope from Ferendina Italy to Italian POW in India. Indian Octagonal DHP censor handstamps and POW sealing tape. #8419 PMET-4/44. Flap missing. (998)

146. Italy. #10 Penalty envelope with red. white, and blue cachet of 5th Army with APO 464 machine cancel with news release for decorations in Italy. Also similar cover with APO 534 cancel from Algeria with small corner missing. F. (903)

147. Italy. Censored cover from soldier 809 Aviation Bn. U.S.APO 528 and Italian AMG issue tied by JUN 28 1944 APO 785 cancel. Not required. A souvenir. F. (903)

148. Italy. 3 covers with cancels U.S. APOs 542, 550, and 543. APO 550 cover has sender MP Detachment Temporary APO 4805. F. (727)

149. Italy. 28 U.S. APOs 34 (2), 45 (3), 88 (2), 91, 302 (2), 306, 464 (2), 520, 522, 540 (2), 541, 543, 549, 650 (Ballot), 761 (6), and 786. 10 roughly opened. Mixed. Mostly F. (819)

150. Italy. 16 US APO covers from APOs 19 (2-1 Lutheran Council Corner card), 91 (2), 36, 375 (4-2 with BPO 9), 380, 520(2), 769 (2), and 786(2).F. (836)

151. Italy. 18 US APO covers from 85, 88, 91(2), 345*, 512, 520, 525, 528. 530, 531-#10 Penalty, 543, 567, 767, 776, 790, 794-Official and APO 512-1947. 7 are 1¢ postal cards. Mostly F-VF. (998)

152. Italy. 6 U.S. air mail stamped envelopes from APOs 534 (2), and 782 (3). Also cover APO 512 Algeria. All from same sender Counter Intelligence Corps. F-VF. (998)

153. Italy. Small stampless cover with cancel of British FPO 725 with H.M. Ship tombstone cancel. Also Honor envelope with FPO 723 with shield censor #9877 with slight tape stain. F-VF. (998)

154. Japan. Colored post card showing "Baby Samurai" warrior as cannoneer. 1939 New Years card. VF. SB $5.00 (129)

155. Japan. Colored post card showing "Baby Samurai" as machine gunner 1939 New Years card. VF. SB $5.00 (129)

156. Japan. 4 covers from US APOs 77 (2) and 468 (2-1 with cachet 11th Airborne Division. October-December 1945 . 3 roughly opened. 1 with toning. Mixed. (819)

157. Liberia. 3 1943 covers from Providence, Rhode Island to Lt. Col. US APO 601, 605 (2). Flap gum bleed through. F.(819)

158. Luxembourg. 6 air mail covers from US APO 403 HQ 3rd Army January 1945. 5 roughly opened. AVE-F. (819)

159. Malaya. Cover from Penang to Bermuda with JA 1940 cancel and colored label on back from Malaya Patriotic Fund. untied.PASSED FOR TRANSMISSION handstamp. F-VF. (869)

160. Marianas. 29 covers US APO 244 HQ 7 A.F.. Mixed.(819)

161. Martinique. #10 registered cover to Argentina with 12 Martinique stamps, 4 different, plus French Liberation Semi-postal-French Colonies B4, with Port de France July 31 1944 cancels . Trinidad IE censor tape. Opened on 3 sides. Folded at 1 time. F. (998)

162. New Caledonia. Cover 43 Cav. Troop APO 43*, and #10 from sender 6 th U.S. Naval Const. Bn. with Navy cancel. F. (727)

163. Newfoundland. Letter to U.S.A. with 3 2¢ Newfoundland stamps tied by Argentia JAN 17 1942 cancel. Sender at U.S. APO 801A Argentia. White and black censor tape with blue 35 in circle added (869)

164. Newfoundland. U.S. Greeting card envelope to Office of The Sales Officer, Newfoundland Base Command A.P.O. Box 801 U.S. Army Newfoundland. 3¢ Defense issue tied by West New York, N.J. DEC 19 1941 cancel. No censor marks. Slight tears. F-VF. (005)

165. New Georgia Special Valentine unprocessed V-mail from sender Navy 250. (848)

166. New Guinea. 3 U.S. covers from BPO 7 and different senders at APOs 322, 503#10, and 24. Latter sent to APO 915 (Christmas Islands) April 1 1944 with various forwarding markings and double strike. Forwarding APO on back with hard to read APO. F. (727)

167. New Hebrides. 2 covers 1 APO 502 and other Temporary 12570F with only dumb cancel. Carter lists as New Hebrides. F. (727)

168. New Zealand. Small cover from sender at YMCA with Wellington 18 JNE 1943 cancel and New Zealand D.D.A. censor tape to soldier 82nd Station Hospital. Forwarded with faint Address reminder handstamp. F. (869)

169. New Zealand. #10 OHMS envelope from Prisoner of War Somes Island, Wellington with sender's name excised from flap and Domes Island dated handstamp. Front has small rectangular handstamp "Exempt from postage under/International Convention/regarding Treatment of/Prisoners of War". Partial Wellington 12 AUG 1942 cancel and civilian censorship handstamp. To Aliens Appeal Tribunal Wellington. F. (903)

170. Philippines. 11 covers from APOs 37, 70 (3), 96, 442 (2-1 from Army Historian 6 th Army),and 703. Plus Navy 3149*, 3864*, 10229*-window. 4 #10's. F.(727)

171. Solomon Islands. 2 1944 air mail covers with APO 709 machine cancels from Nurse Captain self censored but 1 with Base Censor review. VF. (836)

172. Solomons. 2 #10 covers APO 709 (1 ballot other Penalty Official form Morale Services Section), and 716. F-VF. (727)

173. Solomons. Processed V-Mail Merry Christmas 1944 from APO 292. No envelope. F-VF. (727)

174. Sweden.Airmail cover from Sweden to U.S. Franked with 7 stamps and 5 NITA 9.2.42 cancels. British P.C. 90 tape with manuscript I.C. Opening tears. F. (848)

175. Trinidad. Red Cross envelope from Naval Section Base Trinidad with 1942 Navy cancel. Forwarded in States with cancel. Navy censor. AVE-F. (574)

176. Trinidad. Air mail envelope with 6¢ stamps tied by U.S. APO 803 machine cancel. From sender 99th Air Base Group APO 869. Unit censor 732. Actual usage. F-VF. (869)

177. Trinidad. Air mail cover from 22nd Fighter Sq, APO 869 with JUL 31 1942 cancel and Unit censor. Flap missing. F. (755)

178. Turkey. Commercial cover to U.S. with Turkish stamp tied by blurred cancel. Indian and Levant censor handstamps. F.(869)

179. Book. How War Came The Immediate Origins of the Second World War 1938-1939. 735 pages. 70 photos. 52 pages of notes, 30 page bibliography, 24 page index. Original jacket. VF. (036)

180. Book. Day of Infamy by Lord. 243 pages. 48 photos. Attack on Pearl Harbor. 11 page list of contributors/sources.11 page index. Original jacket. VF. (200)



181. Correspondence. 25 covers from same T/Sgt. with Air Force: includes 2 Dec. 7 1943 34 Bomb Gr. 7th Bomb Sq. and 1 PROV. Gr. 25-391st Sq. 34 Combat Crew Trng. Sec #9 DEC 22 1943 A.A.B. Blythe CA; PROV. G. 25 Herington AAB 27 DEC 1943; Change of Address Card 1st Sea Search Attack Unit Langley Field JAB 12, 1944 and cover 2nd Search Attack Sq. Langley Field JAN 20 1944 and Langley Field without sender's address; 2 APO 12843 Transit APOs. 1 Free with MAR 10 1944 FAIRFIELD CA cancel and other AMERICAN BASE FORCES cancel with MAR 20 1944 cancel and Base censorship with location excised by censor; 8 covers with APO 719 cancel and Unit censor Sender with 13 Bomber Com'd April to May 1944; 6 with cancels with no year and APO one with XIII Bomber Com'd APO 719-5 from 868th Sq. 13 Task Force 13 APO 324 MAY and June 1944. .Cover to Sgt. 868 Bomb Sq 13th Air Task Force APO 324. Manuscript Missing with Returned "finger" and circular VERIFIED/HQS/USAFFE July 1944 cancel. AVE-F. (848)

182. 4 covers from sailors using civilian addresses. 3 have Brooklyn Armed Guard center 1942-43 backstamps. All have New York cellophane censor tapes and and 3 line handstamp that communication was forwarded to District Postal Censor by Navy. Original stamps missing. Opening tears. Soiled. AVE. (848)

183. Cover from Chief Radio officer Hunt Norton Ll??? Co. Agents FPO New Orleans, sent air mail with no stamp available and Navy DEC 2 1944 cancel. Backstamped with 3 line handstamp for referral by customs to District Postal Censor. Cellophane censor tape with #61098 of San Francisco. SB $35.00 F-VF. (727)

184. Cover from this time unnamed Chief Radio officer but addressed to a Hunt in same State as last FPO San Francisco. Sent Air mail with 8¢ stamp and Navy 10494 JUL 2 1945 cancel of Saipan. Said to be Liberty Ship SS Grove City Victory. Not clear from envelope. Companion to lot 183. $25.00 F-VF. (727)

185. Cover to Vancouver, B.C. Canada with May 5 1942 Seattle cancel and U.S. Censor tape #3775. VF. Plus Guatemala cover with U.S. censor tape. Torn and soiled. (848)

186. Free POW mail from sender Alien Detention Station Seagoville-Texas with machine MAR 14 1944 cancel to Linn's Weekly Stamp news. Enclosure 1¢ postal card from Linn's reminding that subscription is expiring with standard DETAINED ALIEN ENEMY MAIL EXAMINED Handstamp. Card had been folded to enclose 25¢ fee. F-VF. (903)

187. 3 mint air letter sheets for POWs. WD P.M.G. Form 111 April 1944. Flaps on 2 aging. F-VF. (574)

188. 32 covers mainly from same correspondence from/to Aberdeen Proving Grounds. 2 have Returned handstamps. 1 small 1946 with 1 1/2¢ Martha Washington forwarded with Official Orders handstamp and boxed Proving Ground handstamp on printed matter wrapper with no date. Also cachet of Service Club on back of 1 cover. 14 with air mail postage. 3 to Aberdeen Bombing Mission Murac A.A.F. AVE-F. (848)

189. Cover from Lincoln AAB 11/7/43 to APO 444 Camp Campbell. Various Directory handstamps and manuscript directions 2/44, 4.44 and 8/44. Apparently eventually returned to writer. F. Plus 4 unrelated home base covers. 1 #10 with tears. AVE-F, (727)

190. 14 stampless covers from military senders in States.7 #10 (6 Penalty). Some duplication. Plus 8 penalty envelopes of civilian agencies including War Production Board with Permit dated cancels . Also 3 covers from different sender Air Force locations. F-VF. (424)

191. Bases. 8 Free covers including Fort Benning Press Release, Invitation from First Fighter Command Ground Observers, Previous Employer card advising of former employee separation, and 5 others (4 #10) F. (903)

192. Bases. Army.10 different Free covers with corner cards and/or designs. 1 torn and 1 stained. Mixed. (036)

193. Bases. Army Air Force.10 different Free covers with corner cards and/or designs. (036)

All Alaska Provisional numbering according to Helbock's work in 1992-96 La Posta and reprinted in MPHS bulletins in same time frame.194. Alaska. Greeting card size cover with 6¢ air mail tied by APO 17 1942 cancel from sender APO 975*. 2 line PASSED/ASST. ADC. CENSOR of civilian censorship and #A.3 provisional diamond censor with faint 19. F. (727)

195. Alaska. 2 covers with APO 1942 machine cancels sent from APO 942 with#A.1 provisional handstamp of MILITARY CENSOR and circle with censor #s 1 and 31. Slight smudge lower portion of cancels. F. (727)

196. Alaska. 2 covers with APO 1942 cancels sent from APOs 937* and 948* with#A.2 provisional handstamp of MILITARY CENSOR and circle with lines with with censor #s 18 and 35.. Month hard to read in 1 cover. F. (727)

197. Alaska. 4 covers with APO 1942 cancels sent from APOs 939, 940*, and 946 (2). with#A.3 provisional handstamp of MILITARY CENSOR and diamond with censor #s 17 (2), 45, and ? . Month hard to read in 1 cover. F. (727)

198. Alaska. 3 covers with APO 1942 cancels sent from APOs with#A.4 provisional handstamp of MILITARY CENSOR and rectangle with censor #s 13, 17, and 37. 1 cover soiled. F. (727)

199. Alaska. Embossed Crosby like pasted picture type cachet for Sitka "An Old Russian City". Win the War stamp tied by Sitka Naval Air Station Seattle WASH. SEP 16 1942 cancel. Unaddressed. VF. (727)

200. Alaska. Unit censored 6¢ stamped air mail envelope with machine cancel of APO 986 Sept. 1942. 1 line handstamp "RETURNED FOR ADDITIONAL POSTAGE" with 6¢ air mail stamp added over cancel and hand cancel of APO 986 SEP 11 1944. F. (727)

201. Alaska. 14 covers from APOs 729, 946(2), 948, 980 (7), 983 (sender excised), 986, and 987*. 1 roughly opened. Most F-VF. (727)

202. Alaska. 9 covers from APOs. 937* (3), 941*, 942* (2), 948* (2), and 980*. No numbers in cancels. 6 #10. F. (727)

203. Alaska. Cover from APO 947-Unit Minneapolis with blurred violet red APO AUG 15 1945 Base Censor. F. (727)

204. Alaska. Cover to Mass. with Anchorage AUG 15 1944 machine cancel on 8¢ Transport. V-V Censor 66151 handstamp. $3.00 APS dues form. Small piece of cellophane tape. F. (574)

205. Canal Zone. Unit censored #10 envelope sent Free from APO 836 JUL 31 1945. HQ Det. SU 2155. F-VF. (727)

206. Hawaii. 7 unit censored APO covers APO 27, 98*, 958, 962 (2-1 unsigned cachet with poem to APO 251), and uncanceled Temporary 4592 and 7107 (also Base censored). 1 slight smudge and 1 blurred cancel. AVE-F. (727)

207. Hawaii. 7 Navy covers from Navy 128 (2-#10's), CASU 1, 2, and 38 . 6 Navy censored. F-VF. (727)

208. Hawaii. Small Navy censored cover from Navy Lt. LSM Group 33 sent to wife? air mail special delivery with 19¢ and 2¢ PREXIES tied by Navy 10088 SEP 1 1945 machine cancels. VF. (903)

209. Virgin Islands. Air mail cover with 10¢ Transport issue tied by Charlotte Amalie 1942 cancel to Kansas with U.S. censor tape #1840. F-VF. (819)

210. Book. Soldier The Memoirs of Matthew B. Ridgway. 361 pages. Mostly WWII but some Korea and general philosophy. Original jacket with tears. F. (036)

211. Book. The Mighty Endeavor the American War in Europe McDonald, 1969, 582 pages. Soft cover. VF. (036)

212. Book. Commander in Chief Franklin Delano Roosevelt. his Lieutenants, and their war. Larabee. 640 pages. FDR's relations with military leaders Marshall, Ike, MacArthur, Stillwell, etc. Proof. VF. (036)

213. Book. Kriegie. Simmons 1960. USAAF POW in Germany. Signed by author . 246 pages. Original jacket. F. (036)

214. Book.Whitehouse Sailor by William Rigdon former Naval Aide to Roosevelt and Truman at Teheran, Quebec, Yalta etc. 273 pages. 23 pages of names for various trips Secret Service, Press, etc. Slight wear. AVE. (036)



215. Full black head on blue envelope named "BOMBADIER" and drawn by "Diana" sent from Navy Doctor Hospital Sampson NY with Navy 1943 machine cancel. To MJ Huss who was apparently the distributor of cover.VF. (903)

216. Postcard with cachet of Destroyer signed and sent by Walt Lupton "Cachet Designer". Discussion of business ordering covers. Written in 1946. (869)

217. Lee Cornell 1942 cachet showing Hitler being kicked by mule 1943. Sebewaing Michigan cancel with some letters indistinct. F. (869)

218. 2 Eisenhower Photograph cards based on same Signal Corps North Africa photo 1 partially colored with Abilene KANS JUN 21 1945 cancel. "Ike Arrived home today". Plus mint card of Ike Also addressed but not mailed. MacArthur card and Staehle Roosevelt 1945 Inauguration unused with slight toning. F-VF. (869)

219. 3 cacheted covers Minkus 1941 Fruits of Freedom; and 2 multicolored but maker not identified. VF. (869)

220. 2 Marshall Davis cards with drawings of soldiers: 1 mint. Other postally used Jackson, Mississippi. F-VF. (869)

221. 6¢ stamped air mail cover with US Army APO cancel without year. Sender 90th Sqdn 3rd Att. Gp APO 321. Handstamp cachet showing skeleton and "3rd ATTACK Gp. "THE GRIM REAPERS:. Soiling. AVE. (869)



222. 11 covers 1942 from U.S.S. AUGUSTA . 1 #10. Plus 2 covers same sender U.S.S. DIOMEDES with Navy 15915 cancel August 1945. Naval censored. Plus Same sender U.S.S. AUGUSTA AUG 8 1941 with named ship cancel trying 6¢ air mail stamp and from Navy 128 Hawaii. Also different senders U.S.S. WEEKS front and Navy 524-England. Mostly F-VF. (848)

223. Navy censored cover from sailor U.S.S. MOBILE with Navy Sept. 9 1943 cancel on 2 6¢ Transport Air Mails. Enclosure Volume 1 #7 of 8 page mimeographed Ship newspaper. Edited by resident War Correspondent. Envelope F. Paper VF. Unusual condition for these. (727)

224. 5 larger than #10 covers 1 Registered from Destroyer Squadron Twelve May 1944 with 15¢ and 5¢ PREXIES, Commander Carriers Pacific Registered Airmail with U.S.S. ENTERPRISE cancels on back and 15¢ PREXIE and 6¢ air, U.S.S. HORNET AUG 22 1942 with tears, U.S.S. KEARNEY SEP 8 1942 and U.S.S. MONTICELLO SEP 13 1942. Plus 2 Guard Mail U.S.S. ROBERT WILSON and Guard mail center Norfolk to U.S. S. AMPHION No cancel on 1 other has no year? Plus V-MAILs Navy Radio Station Hawaii and Great Britain and 4 processed V-Mail envelopes without contents. AVE-F. (903)

225. 5 # 10 Penalty covers from bases. 3 with stand alone 18¢ PREXIE for Registered Return Receipt rate. 2 with 18¢ PREXIE and additional 6¢ postage for MAILGRAM. F. (903)

226. 5 # 10 Penalty covers from bases. all with PREXIE postage including 10¢ stand alone, 10¢ and 15¢, 3 5¢ and 30¢ and 1¢ Defense, Four 6¢ standalone for Registered RETURN RECEIPT AIR MAIL, and two 10¢ 1 5¢ and 2 1¢ Defense(Battle Force US Fleet F. (903)

227. 6 # 10 Penalty covers from bases. all with common PREXIE postage to pay fees including 3¢, 5¢, 2¢, 4¢, 6¢, 15¢. F. (903)

228. #10 Penalty cover with corner card of Commander BATTLESHIPS-CRUISERS U.S. PACIFIC FLEET.Sent airmail. Error in penalty area of envelope says "PLANT NO. 1048" instead of "PERMIT..". Year not clear but C32 5¢ air stamp was issued in 1946 and the rate held for 3 years. Gum bleed through from flap. F. (903)

229. 14 # 10 Penalty covers from bases.3 air mail special delivery with Special Delivery and 6¢ air mail stamps, 3 meters including 1 blank registered and 1 REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR, 5 with 6¢ air mails, 1 with 6 1¢ Defense ,1 with 3 2¢ Defense, and Antilles Air Task Force San Juan with Navy cancel.(903)

230. 14 covers from home bases 3 on colored tourist cards. 2 black and white with photos of Philadelphia Naval Hospital and Camp MACDONOUGH. F-VF. (836)

231. 27 covers. All but 1 Navy Domestic including 5 #10. 1 June 1945 Rear. Adm. V. D. Chapline. 17 same sender.1 Marine 4th Division Camp Pendleton. Most naval cancels. AVE. F. (424)

232. 3 softcover books. 2 published in 1943 by Training Division Bureau of Aeronautics: FLAT-HATTING SENSE and OXYGEN SENSE and educate in humorous manner about dangers of flying too low including effect of atmosphere. Also book from Navy Publications Officer Kansas City Missouri consisting of naval facts and definitions. Not dates but probably WWII from picture. F. (036)

233. Marines. Penalty cover with 1943 Marine Barracks Brooklyn cancel. Plus 14 covers same sender USMCAS El Toro,1 has MCAS ELTORO decal. 5 have letters. F. (848)

234. Marines. 3 #10 Penalty covers from MAG 23 OCT 1943 Hawaii FMFLANT to Norfolk registered with 5¢ and 25¢ PREXIES and Navy 14036 backstamp. Plus 1929 cover from Destroyer base San Diego. with some streaking. AVE-F. (903)



235. 2 air mail stamped covers. 1 with APO 450 May 7 1945 machine cancel from member 442 Inf. C/O PM New York Letter enclosed talks about going to Pacific. VF. 2.nd Cover same sender and unit via FPO San Francisco with machine cancel without date. Letter says Philippines September 16 1945. Cover dirty. AVE. One of relatively small number of units that served in both Theaters. (727)

236. Letter from soldier 389 Inf. APO 98 98 Infantry Division. Wavy line security cancel without date etc. Letter inside dated April 11 1944. MPHS has staging at Ft. Lawton, WA 5 April 1944 and POE in Seattle 13 of April. On way to Hawaii. F. (727)

237. 14 Christmas parcel Acknowledge cards from home bases with return address of APOS 8, 26, 45, 77, 98, 259-no cancel, 260, 262, 312, 345, 403, 445, 446-no cancel, and 454. F-VF. (036)

238. Official Change of Address card of member of 36th Cav. RCN Sq. Mecz with Augusta GA SEP 19 1944 cancel. Moving from Camp Gordon to APO 17000. Carter lists GB which is consistent with other sources. VF. (869)

239. Greeting card size cover with 3¢ PREXIE coil and Win the War series tied by 1944 APO 616 1944 cancel (Egypt). Base censor with partial cellophane tape and 2 3¢ postage due stamps. F. Plus FREE unit censored cover with APO 799 APR 5 1943 cancel. (Iran). F. (007)



240. Algeria. Official envelope of Agency for War Victims. Reused by partially pasting paper with new senders address. Handstamps of Recruiting Bureau Oran. Partial 1952 cancel. Some glue bleed through. AVE. (723)

241. Austria. 2 1947 censored covers from Piano factory to U.S.with Vienna cancels. 1 air mail with 2 90 g stamps. Other has 60g stamp. F-VF. (848)

242. Belgium. # 10 cover with 3 line corner card and 6 line handstamp of SHAEF HQ. Bilingual. US APO 09055 1969 machine cancel on air mail stamp to HQ Central Army Group 09099. F-VF. (848)

243. Canada. 14 covers. 7 with RCAF cancels 1961-66. 3 of which are Force letter sheets with stamps to RCAF Europe and CFPO backstamps. No messages. 2 are Officials with boxed cancels. Plus 6 Ministry of Defense with different hand stamped corner cards and no cancels. Also 1975 OHMS with MPO 310 meter. F-VF. (424)

244. Denmark. Commercial cover to U.S. with August 9 1945 cancel. Danish paper tape and censorship handstamp. Slight edge wrinkles. F. (869)

245. Dew Line?. Air mail special delivery cover with SEP 26 1950 cancel. Sender with SCU 7806. Seller says DEW line. MPHS book says Germany. However MPHS Book also lists in unknown or classified locations listing. (755)

246. Dew Line?. Air mail cover with NOV 2 1955 cancel. Sender with 7811 AU Wing Det, Northern Area Sta Com. Seller says DEW line. MPHS book says Germany. However MPHS Book also lists in unknown or classified locations listing. (755)

247. Egypt. Cover to U.S.A. with 6 Farouk stamps tied by British May 19 1948 FPO 550 cancel. Proud says Abu Sueir. Sender has Ismailia. F. Also Egypt 71 16 JL 45 cancel on stampless cover with shield censor without numbers. AVE. (869)

248. Eriterea. 4 attractively franked APO 843 covers. 2 to Portugal. 1 with Hammarskjold Invert. Also cover different sender to soldier in U.S. with various forwarding markings and APO 40, 95, and 143 cancels. F. (848)

249. Ethiopia. #10 Certified letter with Department of Army paid label from OPERATION APPETITE APO 09319 with APR 1966 APO 09319 MAAG APO 09843 also Ethiopia. VF. (848)

250. France. 3 covers with Scott M11 with 3 different Vaguemestre handstamps. including Centre Mobilisateur 124-Risvesaltes-1954; 42 Batallion D'Infantry-1949; and Battalion De Genie Aero Poste-1953. 1 with letter. F. (723)

251. Germany. Air mail cover from U.S. to Germany. 6 5¢ air mail stamps with 1947 Fall River machine cancel and German CIVIL CENSORSHIP FFM B handstamp. F. (848)

252. Germany. 12 US APO covers 1953-63 from 29 (7 from A.P.U with APO cancels on front and back-6 with 6¢ revalued postal stationery), 111 1¢ postal card with stamp added, 189 #10, 403, and 09052 from CENTAG. Plus German XMAS card with U.S. stamp tied by APO 09178 cancel. Also WWII Censored cover canceled APO 305 MAR 24 from sender APO 230. 3 page letter discussing farm area and vineyards. F-VF. (848)

253. Germany. Airmail cover from soldier US APO 843 1963- Eriterea To civilian address in Germany with retour handstamp and bilingual sticker "Left without giving new address" .Tied by 1963 Berlin cancel. Also # 10 cover with 1961 APO 111 cancel on 3 stamps including 1931 Yorktown to Portugal with German Frankfurt Foreign mail cancel on back. (848)

254. Germany. British Forces. 5 stamped covers mostly 1951-59 including FPO 514, 694 (1982 on attractive Kamen view card), 841, 843, and 916. F-VF. (998)

255. Germany. 13 covers with German Navy ship hand stamped cachets 1965-74. Most with German cancels on German stamps. F. (848)

256. Germany. Special 1970 Pocket book UNSERE FLOTTE (Our Fleet). 50 pages . Colored depiction of Naval ranks.Pictures and listings of ship capabilities. NATO. VF. (848)

257. Great Britain. Special colored cacheted cover commemorating B17 Bomber with BFPO 1560 cancel. Tiny address label missing. Plus special FDC for 1985 Sea Safety issue with British FPO 1890 cancels and 4 different stamps of issue. Various autographs. Enclosures explaining covers. F-VF. (414)

258. Iceland. Air Mail cover to U.S. from American sailor Rekjavik and 1952 cancel on 4 Iceland stamps. Back has untied 1948 Iceland Olympic label. Gum bleed. F. (755)

259. Korea. U.S. Forces 21 pre-Korean War covers APOs 6 (3), 6* (2), 7 (5-1*), 59 (2), 235 (4) 235 Unit 2, 815, 901(3-1*). Most stamped 1940's and mounted. AVE-F. (008)

260. Korea. U.S. Forces 65 post-Korean War covers APOs 7 (7), 8(2). 18 (4), 20 (2), 59 (5), 60, 64, 71, 76, 264, 301 (11) , 358 (3), 970 (5), 971 (10), 96207 (5), 96218 (3), 96224, 96301. and 96570. 12 are facing slips. 33 are Free Official Penalty covers. Most 1950's and early 1960's and mounted. F-VF. (008)

261. Marshall Islands. #10 airmail envelope from civilian Dr. Ebeye Kwajalein with 15¢ stamp tied by APO 96970 NOV 7 1980 cancel. Not listed MPHS. F. (848)

262. Norway. Air mail envelope from civilian sender Headquarters AAFNE. This was Army Air Force Northern Europe in Oslo to 12th Air Force Ramstein, Germany by Norwegian mail with VOKSENLIA 4.IX.53 cancel.on Norwegian stamps. F-VF. (005)

263. Singapore. #10 cover from U.S. Navy Office 96699 with 1977 FPO 96699 AUG 1977 cancel on Bicentennial stamp. VF. (903)

264. Turkey.NATO. 6 1/4 " by 8 1/2" envelope To Operations Div. HQAFCENT with handstamps T.C. BENEKURMANBASKAN?/ANKARA and 1 line GNKUR G.N. P.P. and script 2307-880-8S4 . 4 Turkish Official military 300 Lira and 4 50 Lira stamps tied by GENELKURMAN 2,12,89 cancel and pen on 4 stamps. Roughly opened AVE. (848)

265. United States. Free greeting card size envelope with embossed corner card of THE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF/ WAR DEPARTMENT/WASHINGTON with signature of Thomas T. Handy, General GSC and Washington D.C. JAN 3 1946 cancel. No flap. F. (848)

266. United States 7 APO covers with postage paid by APO meters including 09175 (Stars and Stripes-Germany), 09179 -Certified UK, 09238-UK, 09254-Turkey, 09293 (Italy), 09292 Special Delivery with stamp added-Netehrlands, and 09616-Certified Saudi Arabia. 4 have window envelopes. AVE-F. (848)

267. United States 3 APO covers: 380 (Turkey#10 1963), 205 (Iran-to APO 843 Eriterea with piece of corner missing) and APO 09223 to 09757 local Greece). AVE-F. (848)

268. Book.May-Day Eisenhower, Khruschchev and the U-2 Afair by Bescloss.1986. 494 pages. 43 photos. 52 pages of notes. Original jacket. VF. (036)

269. Book. Armed Truce- The Beginnings of the Cold War 1945-46. Thomas. 512 pages. Index, Advanced Proof. Softcover. F. (036)



270. Nuclear Testing. 5¢ revalued stamped envelope tied by JUL 5 1947 Navy 10666 cancel with number faint.. Sender HQ 1525 A.A.F. B.U. ATC Navy 824. Vertical stain. Torn flap. AVE. (848)

271. Nuclear Testing. 5¢ revalued stamped envelope tied by Aug 3, 1947 Navy 10666 cancel.. Sender HQ 1535 A.A.F. B.U. ATC Navy 824. Ink smudges. Torn flap. F. (848)

272. U.S. Submarines #10 Penalty cover with corner card of Public Affairs Officer U.S.S. JOHN MARSHALL and 1990 cancel of U.S.S.HUNLEY tying 25¢ Official mail coil. Letter enclosed dealing with patches and cacheted covers. Plus cover without contents with 1988 cancel of U.S.S. SPEAR on 22¢ Official stamped envelope with 3 1¢ Officials added. F-VF. (869)

273. U.S. Submarines. Cacheted cover for Decommissioning and Transfer of USS TANG (SS-563) to Turkish Navy as TCSG PIRIREIS . USS TANG FEB 8 1980 cancel with Last Day etc. in bars. VF. (703)

274. U.S. Submarines. 3 cacheted Nuclear submarine covers: USS INDIANAPOLIS with 1980 APO 340?? cancel, and USS TULLIBEE (SSN597) and USS GATO (SSN-615) with special Everglades handstamps. F. (703)

275. U.S. Submarines . 5 1985 cacheted covers from Submarines 611, 640, 667, 670 (with embossed gold seal), 709, At Norfolk with various ship cancels. VF.(703)

276. U.S. Submarines. 4 cacheted covers: U.S.S. HONOLULU (SSN-718) Commissioning 1985; U.S.S.ATLANTA (SSN-712) Launching 1980; U..S.S. THEODORE ROOSEVELT (SSBN 600) Last Day in Commission 1981; and blurred cachet with USS SPERRY AS-12 1981 cancel.(703)

277. Penalty envelope with corner card of U.S.S. CONSTITUTION with Boston Mass.1953 CHARLESTOWN STATION NO 29 cancel to Capt. U.S.AMPHION. Enclosure Official letter on ship stationery returning request for cancel since they "have no such ...on board". VF. Plus 1954 cover from Navy Shore Patrol Philadelphia. VF. (903)

278. 9 cacheted covers from USS CALIFORNIA no year, DWIGHT D, EISENHOWER, GARCIA.,HULL , JOHN PAUL JONES FIRST DAY of cachet 1979, JOSEPH STRAUSS , MIDWAY ,LA SALLE, and THORN (Commissioning). 1980 unless stated. F-VF. (703)

279. Book. The Target Ship in Cape Cod Bay by Beyle. 113 pages.History of Liberty Ship SS LONGSTREET. including voyages ending up as a Target boat on Cape Cod. Lots of photos. First Edition signed by author. F. (036)



U.S. Forces unless stated.

280. 8 covers including FREE APO 7 1953 , 2 APO 27 1951 with stamped airmail envelopes and 1 FREE from 24 Division postal Section and FREE 902 1955. Free sender APO 971 with Navy U.S.S. REPOSE 1953 cancel with year unclear. Also 1975 cover with 96301 cancel of Armistice Commission. Plus #10 cover with cancel of USS ROCHESTER 1951 on Netherlands Overrun Nations stamp. FPO San Francisco. Korea?. F-VF. (848)



U.S. Forces unless stated. All with cancels unless stated otherwise.

281. Official #10 Department of Army #10 envelope sent Certified APO 96240 1967 and FREE to APO 96307. PANAM Photo card of Thailand with 1968 APO 96346 cancel R&R from Vietnam. Also Vietnam map envelope used with no postal markings. F-VF. (848)

282. Free Air Mail cover from Commander HQ MACV with dragon cachet. 1967 APO 96307 machine cancel upside down at bottom of page. Flap separated and enclosed. Also Saigon colored picture card of houseboats from civilian running Capital Club. Barely readable APO 96307 cancel. Text says 1967. Postage due handstamp but not collected. F. (869)

283. 2 covers same sender sent FREE with APO 96307 1968 cancels. 1 with Dragon other Vietnam map cachets. VF. Plus cover with 96490 machine cancel shifted over sender's address and flap with gum stains. AVE.-F. Also 2 covers APO 96390 with no postal markings as was common latter part of war. F. (727)

284. 8 covers APOs 96227,. 96227*, 96240*-Vietnam Map but no cancel), 96307 (2), 96307*, 96316 (5-2 with cachets), 96337, 96349 stamped from civilian and map, 96374 -stamped from civilian, 96383* (canceled on receipt in States, 96490 - 2 with letters, and 96491. AVE-F.(005)

285. 4 FREE covers 3 1971 U.S.S. CORAL SEA, U.S.S. RANGER (2 types-1 faint). and Victory Cachet with U.S.S. PARSONS 4/8/70 cancel. F-VF. (005)

286. 4 FREE covers Unit 17078 Unit 1 1966 on map envelope not listed but sender 96695 Da Nang;17095 1971 (2), and 17109 1971 not listed but sender 96622. F. (005)

287. Penalty Air Mail #10 cover from APO 96243 with early MAR 16 1965 cancel of 96307. 7 not clear. F.(008)

288. Magazine wrapper from Army Times Tokyo to civilian APO 96375 Lonhg Binh, forwarded to 96318-Pleiku, and backstamped 96381 Saigon. AVE. (005)

289. France. Small newspaper wrapper(?) franked with 3 French stamps to Jewish Temple in USA with handstamp in French of Christian Fraternity with Viet Nam. Anti-war group?. F-VF. (005)


Gulf War

290. French. Forces. Free F.M. cover BPM 640 5/7/91 cancel and "FORCES FRANCAISES EN ARIBIE SAOUDITE OPERATION DAGUET hand cachet. VF. (723)



291. ANTARCTICA. Cover with cachet for DEEP FREEZE 73. Some letters not clear. Plus POLE STATION ANTARCTICA APR 17 1973 cancel with OPERATION DEEP FREEZE in killer. F. (848)

292. ANTARCTICA. Cover with U.S. 22¢ Stefansson Exploration stamp tied by US NAVY FEB 8 1987 ANTARCTICA FPO 98692 cancel.Back had special multicolored rubber stamp cachets featuring Penguins.with some words in German. F. (848)

293. APOLLO 17 . 2 covers with Man on Moon stamps and RECOVERY FORCE cachets. Atlantic has Norfolk. Pacific has USS TICONDEROGA DEC 19 1972 cancels. Also APOLLO 8 stamp tied by USS BENJAMIN STODDERT NOV 18 1969 cancel with no addresses.and cacheted cover for Polaris Patrol with USS HUNLEY 1965 cancel and greeting card size cover USS MONROVIA 1955. AVE-F. (848)

294. UNITED STATES #10 cover with corner card of UNITED STATES LINES/AMERICAN MERCHANTS LINES etc. Hand stamped cachet for first voyage S.S. MANHATTAN NEW YORK TO ENSTOWN PLYMOUTH HAVRE AND HAMBURG/LARGEST SHIP EVER BUILT IN AMERICA. 3¢ Lincoln coil tied by U.S. GER.SEA POST AUG 10 1932 S.S.MANHATTAN. Publicity letter enclosed on official stationery from Vice President. F-VF. (848)

295. UNITED STATES #10 Penalty envelope from Navy Dept.Washington, D.C. to New York. Various handstamps and notes resulting in return to sender including opened by mistake. Washington D.C. AUG 13 1942 and New York AUG 14 1942 cancels .Back has Received in bad condition handstamp and 2 different New York cancels plus Officially sealed stamp tied by New York parcel cancel. VF. (903)

Suggested (SB) or Reserve Bids (RES) are in general provided by the Seller and are not necessarily endorsed by the Auction Manager. Descriptions & Bidding Envelopes are as expected for area: e.g., European size, etc., and will not be described unless unusual (#10, etc.) Books are hardcover unless stated softcover. APO number is in cancel unless stated. * means in Sender's Address Only. Navy numbers in address unless stated to be in cancel. On individual lots U.S. WW II APO covers are on stationery with imprinted stamps unless stated FREE or stamped. Larger lots are mostly mixed. V-Mail has been processed and is with envelope unless stated otherwise.

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