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This Society promotes the study of the postal aspects of all wars and military actions of all nations. Our members' interests include soldier campaign covers, patriotics, prisoner-of-war mail, naval mail, occupation and internment covers, picture postcards of a military nature, camp cancels, field post offices, propaganda labels and leaflets, V-mail, censored mail and similar related material.

Sad News

It is with great sorrow, that we must report the passing of our Editor, Thomas Johnston. There is an obituary for Tom at the funeral home website. In addition, our member Alan Warren has written a memorial to Tom.

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Membership Information can be found here.

Featured Items

New Presentation: We are proud to add Harold Krische's presentation to our website. Both Harold and Ravi Vora presented at the Blount Symposium at the National Postal Museum in 2018. Both presentations can be viewed by going to the MPHS Presentations web page.

Our Society's books are now available for purchase from the APS.

We are again adding new military-themed holiday cards to our extensive online exhibit. We have more than 600 images available now.

Educational Resources

Our online resources include: Full-Scale Presentations , Exhibits, and Articles, as well as shorter "Mini-Presentations" of Military Postal History.

Members receive the Society Quarterly Bulletin (ISSN 1075-5640). The Society has published several books such as the APO directory.

Society News

Our Society now has a Secretary, Harold Krische. His assistance with our membership rolls will be most welcome. Please direct all membership issues to him at kjkj4k5k4jkrischefamilyswsj3kj499@shawpo2sudu5868fj.caxswh397979. In addition, we welcome our new Auction Manager, Roger Santala.

You will find their contact information in the Officers listing for the Military Postal History Society.

Our Society is looking for a new editor to replace the late Thomas Johnston. If you are interested, please contact President Ed Dubin.

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